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Body-and-Brain Franchise System

In 2008 Body & Brain yoga instituted a franchise system for future expansion and to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for instructors. These franchise centers are known as "Body+Brain centers." You will find the same quality of classes and instructions at Body+Brain centers. Their locations are included with Body & Brain yoga centers on this website.

Franchise Opportunities

Running a Body & Brain yoga center allows owners to manage their own livelihood while training themselves as a senior practitioner.

Owners and managers of Body+Brain centers are required to complete a similar level of training as corporate center managers, and are offered educational support by their sponsoring Body & Brain yoga center.

Body-and-Brain centers offer basic classes and programs. They often will work together with a nearby Body & Brain yoga center to provide more advanced trainings for their members.

If you are interested in franchise opportunities, please visit www.bodynbrain.com, or contact the Body+Brain support staff at 623-505-1220, support@bodynbrain.com.