Good News: Body & Brain Centers in Belgium and France!

December 23, 2018
Good News Body Brain Centers in Belgium and France



Since he first started teaching exercise and meditation techniques in a park in South Korea almost 40 years ago, Ilchi Lee has been finding new ways to deliver health, happiness, and peace to people around the world. Along the way, he and his students have crisscrossed the globe inspiring individuals of all ages, nationalities, religions, and backgrounds, to believe that they can be pioneers of positive change. Recently, two amazing examples of this appeared in Europe with the opening of the first Body & Brain centers in France and Belgium.


In early 2018, Body & Brain Yoga Founder Ilchi Lee visited Europe for a series of events in which he shared an energy practice known as Unki Dotong. Those events were powerful enough to inspire Jung Hojin, who had been taking Body & Brain training previously, to take the leap and open a center of her own- the first one in France!

Jung Hojin had been preparing for a long time but was hesitating because of all the challenges that naturally come with opening a new business. After Ilchi Lee's visit, however, she made up her mind to get started. She said that her main fear was "What if nobody comes?" But soon, her fear changes to hope and determination, and she could see how much people want to learn these kinds of things and grow, and also how the internet has created many new opportunities to meet and inspire people. In the first 2 months of operation, Jung Hojin's center in France received 40 enthusiastic new members!


In Belgium, as well, a longtime Body & Brain member recently overcame many obstacles to achieve her dream of opening her own center. Katrien Boucique had been teaching Body & Brain outreach classes in the Netherlands, with the dream of opening the first center in her homeland of Belgium. Katrien recently retired after working in the field of education for over 25 years and, inspired by the book I've Decided to Live 120 Years, she's established a new and meaningful career for herself in the second half of her life. Katrien had been teaching for three years prior to Ilchi Lee's European tour, and in the first 2 months after opening her own center, about 90 people had joined and were taking classes!

Here's what Katrien had to say about opening the center:

"After the center was opened, seeing the members' awakenings of the soul becoming even deeper made me feel the significance of the center. When I teach classes or when there's a Finding True Self Workshop is when I feel the happiest and most connected... I have a dream to heal the educational system through Brain Education. I want to quickly grow core members and entrust the center to them and deliver Brain Education to the teachers in schools."

Great opportunities often arise out of unexpected circumstances. It requires courage and imagination to find hope in the midst of chaos, to see a new beginning in what might look like an ending. These two inspiring people provide great examples of how to manifest your dreams, no matter your age. Thank you!