Coronavirus Concerns? Support Immunity with this Simple Exercise

February 17, 2020
Coronavirus Concerns Support Immunity with this Simple Exercise


News of the Coronavirus won't go away!

A recent New York Times article reported that fourteen Americans who were evacuated from a cruise ship in Japan tested positive for the Coronavirus before boarding a flight to the US.

The same report suggested that, despite this, the average person in the US is at far greater risk from the common flu this winter.

Whether or not you're more concerned about the Coronavirus or the common flu, we want to emphasize what you can do to help yourself stay happy and healthy this year.

That's right, your choices make a big difference in what happens with your health!

Here's how:

Studies suggest that raising your body temp may improve the function of your immune system. This is especially important in colder winter months when you may not feel like moving.

Get active to improve your circulation, raise your body temperature, deepen your breathing and stretch stiff muscles and joints!

Want an easy exercise that you can practice at home to get these benefits?

Try Plate Balancing!

No, it's not circus trick. It's an exercise that requires balance, flexibility, and awareness- and it helps to improve all three- while raising your body temperature.

The best way to practice is with an actual 'plate' in your hand. If that's not possible, anything about that size and weight will do. Or, you can practice with an empty hand (just imagine your dinner balancing there).

You're going to rotate the plate around in a figure 8 or infinity path, starting by turning the plate in under your arm, then bringing it forward and up above your head. You'll have to work hard to keep the plate balanced and facing upwards- don't let your dinner spill off the side!

You should feel a stretch in your shoulder, wrist and forearm, back, and even your legs as you get deeper into it. You can naturally flow from one rotation to the next.

After 10 to 20 times, switch sides. See if the other side of your body feels the same or different.

After another 10 to 20 repetitions, you can switch sides again and rotate in the REVERSE direction.

And if you're really looking for more, you can also do DOUBLE PLATE BALANCING- more on that in a future post.

Check out this Video from BNBTV about how to do Plate Balancing to help support your immunity.

Skip ahead to 2:20 if you just want to try the exercise...

Stay happy and healthy this year- your choices will make a difference!