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Holistic Fitness with Body & Brain Ramsey

November 7, 2020
Holistic Fitness with Body Brain Ramsey


Holistic Fitness means developing one’s physical and mental power together. For strength, we encourage our members to mindfully practice high-intensity interval exercises like pushups, sit-ups, planks, squats, and even jogging in place. As we grow stronger and healthier, we have more energy to seek answers to life’s challenges by looking inside rather than outside. We can feel centered and calm, watching our lives more clearly. We say: Physical power is mind power.

As we look inside and become calmer, it is natural to take time to deeply relax and recharge through concentrated breathing. Breathing well happens when we can relax the mind and body together. Breathing well is energizing and it improves circulation, clears the mind, calms our emotions, and enhances concentration.

Take time for yourself with Body & Brain holistic fitness training. There are many chances to experience our yoga, tai chi, and meditation training at our Ramsey location or through our Zoom live stream. And check out these other online resources: Body & Brain TV or ChangeYourEnergy. Now, more than ever before, health and wellness are at your fingertips! View our full schedule of classes at