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Current Buzz | 2016-05-02
May "Healther Together": Joint Health

Did you know that arthritis is this country’s leading cause for disability?1 1 in every 5 adult Americans suffer some type of arthritis or joint discomfort. (Wow!) That is why this month, Body & Brain centers all over the country are tackling joint health as our free workshop topic for our 2016 national health campaign, “Healthier Together.”


Science has been researching many reason as to why exactly we develop joint issues. You might think that joint problems are a natural part of aging, but that is not true at all. Sure, the common reasons for all health issues such as diet, exercise, posture, and genetics can contribute to possible joint problems. However, new and growing studies in medicine are showing that emotions play a huge role in creating inflammation in the joints. Specifically, emotions such as fear, stress, and anxiety play a significant part. Here’s a quick and easy quiz to check your anxiety levels.

Our “Healthier Together” workshop in May will discuss principles behind joint pain and solutions to creating fluid and strong joints. You can check your local Body & Brain center to see when they will host a free workshop. In the meantime, make sure to stock up on fatty acids like omega-3’s that can reduce swelling and discomfort in the joints. Some great ways to take in your omega-3’s are salmon, sardines, nuts, and soy beans.


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