Just because you want to meditate, it doesn’t mean that you need to stay still, taking the half lotus posture. Some people find it difficult to keep their mind calm while they try to do traditional sitting meditation. In that case, try Energy Meditation methods that Body & Brain yoga offers—JiGam, Dahn-Mu and Brain Wave Vibration.


Body & Brain yoga provides many types of meditation based on the Energy Principles. When you feel Qi energy and tune into the rhythm, you will find your body naturally moves.


Energy Sensation: JiGam


JiGam is a meditative exercise to introduce the awareness of energy. “Ji” means “to stop” and “gam” means “emotion” or “feeling.” A literal translation of this term would be “to stop emotions,” which speaks of making the mind still, quiet, and undisrupted by the movement of emotions.


Relaxed concentration is an absolute prerequisite to being able to feel the flow of qi energy. To feel the energy we need to turn the focus of our consciousness inward. Feeling and flowing with the energy makes it much easier to separate ourselves from our outer distractions, thoughts, and emotions.


Energy Dance: Dahn-Mu

Dahn means “energy,” and Mu means “dance.” Dahn-Mu is a form of dancing with the natural flow of energy, called Energy Dance.


This gentle dancing is an effective method to control and utilize qi energy. Practitioners usually experience qi as a gentle vibration inside the body. The qi usually begins in the hands and then quickly moves through the whole body until the entire body is responding in dance-like movements.


Dahn-Mu is easy to accomplish since there is nothing to learn in the way of technique. The alignment of the body with qi is influenced by the state of mind. Dahn-Mu might be expressed with fast or slow motions. As the dancing progresses, practitioners begin to experience a gentle, dynamic meditation.


Energy Movement: Brain Wave Vibration


Shaking, trembling, vibrating—moving rhythmically, and steadily from head to toe. It is the oldest form of healing on the planet, believed to be the complement of the natural relaxation response. Shaking calms our nerves and excites our emotions.


Brain Wave Vibration is a mild and readily accessible form of shaking. The practice merely requires moving your body to your own natural healing rhythms in order to slow down your brain waves, to circulate your body’s energy, and to unleash your body’s own innate healing ability. Brain Wave Vibration combines ancient healing traditions with modern scientific understanding of the brain.


This form of moving meditation is far easier to master than traditional sitting meditation! It can be done anytime, anywhere, by people of all abilities and fitness levels.


A research study published in the international journal, Neuroscience Letters, in July 2010, suggested that regular practitioners of Brain Wave Vibration were less stressed and experienced more positive emotions and fewer psychosomatic symptoms. As well, regular Brain Wave Vibration practitioners had more dopamine in their blood than the healthy control group.