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GetBright SelfCare for the Summer

#GetBright Self-Care for the Summer

Jul 14, 4:30PM

Tuesdays from July 14th through September 1st, our talented trainers will be leading a series of webinars to help you improve your physical, emotional and energetic wellness. You can join from the comfort of home- you’ll feel brighter after every session!

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Jul 14 ~ Sep 1
Body Brain Get Bright Brain Education Festival

Body & Brain Get Bright Brain Education Festival

Sep 11, 3:10PM

The Brain Education Festival is a semi-annual event bringing together thousands of participants for health, happiness, and peace. This year the Brain Education Festival will be held online, meaning it’s your chance to practice with Body & Brain’s top trainers from the comfort of home.

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Sep 11 ~ Sep 13

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100 Days of Self Energy Healing Starts July 1st

100 Days of Self Energy Healing: Starts July 1st

Jul 1, 8:30PM

LakewoodBody & Brain, CO

100 days of self-energy healing to help develop your energy sense, upgrade your self-healing system, maximize your natural healing power, expand your energy, and manage chronic physical pain.

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Jul 1 ~ Oct 8
Awakening Your Spiritual Journey Within Starts Aug 8

Awakening Your Spiritual Journey Within: Starts Aug 8

Aug 8, 10:00AM

TualatinBody & Brain, OR

In this 10 week course, you will practice awakening the energy within yourself to develop your intuition (psychic powers). Awaken to the unconditional love within that will help you encounter and connect with universal oneness. Your intuition is the manifestation of your authentic true-self.

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Aug 8
SelfLove Course Aug 7 Oct 9

Self-Love Course: Aug 7 - Oct 9

Aug 9, 8:00AM

BeavertonBody & Brain, OR

In this 10-week online course, you will practice connecting with yourself as a foundation for your life. The true meaning of Self-Love is taking time to meet with you each and every day. To meet with yourself well, we must also connect with our closest companion on this life journey, our body.

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Aug 9