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HEROES Online Dance and Energy Movement Boston MA

HEROES: Online Dance and Energy Movement | Boston, MA

Mar 3, 6:20PM EST

This class will include tapping, deep stretching, vibration, moving meditation, dancing, breathing, and deep relaxation. Through rhythm and sound, you can release stress and body tension and bring your mind into a calm and meditative state. Refresh your body and mind and ground your energy to feel more centered.

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Mar 3 ~ Dec 31
Tai Chi Webinar Series for Back Pain

Tai Chi Webinar Series for Back Pain

Apr 17, 12:30PM EST

Through Tai Chi & QiGong you can help to align your spine, develop stronger muscles to support the back, and release tension. The practice can also help you quiet your mind, stabilize your mood and help you feel more grounded person.

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Apr 17 ~ May 29

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Beginners Workshop Boston MA ONLINE

Beginner's Workshop | Boston, MA - ONLINE

Apr 21, 6:30PM EST

Arlington Body & Brain, MA

Mini-workshop with Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi. Learn about classes, workshops, and 1:1 sessions. Combines lecture and experiential movement.

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Apr 21
Develop Your Sense of Awareness

Develop Your Sense of Awareness

Apr 24, 12:00PM EST

Raleigh Body & Brain, NC

Do you want to feel less stressed and more in control of your daily life? The secret is inside of you! Developing a sense of awareness of your inner voice – your true self – is the key. Through this course, you’ll learn the anatomy of your internal environment. With simple yet powerful training methods, you’ll develop a mindful awareness that you can utilize each and every day of your life.

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Apr 24