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Find Your True Self Workshop


Are you living your life to the fullest, or is the stress in your daily life affecting you emotionally?

Rediscover your inner power with the Finding True Self Workshop.

For over twenty years, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have taken advantage of the Finding True Self workshop to rediscover their true self. This workshop helps each individual to connect with his/her core sense of being and understand his/her patterns of relating to others.

The workshop explores ways to maintain a sense of self-awareness and compassion as an integral part of daily life. Participants learn to reflect on the relationship between intention and actions, and how this resonates within the body. In this way, they can uncover the patterns and habits that have sabotages their enjoyment of life. Finding True Self uniquely emphasizes feeling and knowing the true self experientially, rather than approaching it through intellectual understanding.

Some of the many positive changes you may experience are that you become:

  • Able to release and heal old emotional scars
  • Able to handle your stress in a more constructive manner
  • Able to strengthen your meaningful relationships in a mutually beneficial way

The workshop includes yoga and other basic exercises adjusted to individual physical abilities, games and guided interactions with other participants, as well as deep breathing and meditation. Finding True Self is offered by Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi once a month.

Saturday,  May 11th, 2019
8:30am - 7:30pm

For more information, please call (425) 893.9642

Author: Johee
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