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Donna lafave

Body shape, bad knee, bad back, not handling stress well and anxiety made me realize that I needed a complete body/mind makeover, so I joined Dahn Yoga in Everett on the advice of a trusted friend.

First anxiety assuaged, you are not pressured to do more than you are comfortable with. I was able to advance at my own pace. The bonus is I am now able to work through my anxiety attacks much better because of the relaxation techniques I have learned.

The exercises are building muscle and toning my body without the workout pain afterward. Again, also surprising, I no longer wear my knee brace and my back has improved significantly. These bonuses snuck up on me because the exercising does not press me forward "feeling the burn," but rather gently guides me to what I am capable of achieving.

The instructor, Maki, is beyond patient. She is kind and caring of each and everyone of us. The positive and non-judgmental environment she creates allows me to be the best of who I am and to feel a sense of achievement in that. I find myself handling stress better and being more relaxed overall, hence I am better able to express myself without being defensive and I am a much better listener. I feel my life changing for the better, mind and body, and I am so appreciative. Thank you!