Healthier and Happier with Mindfulness

Chun Mu

March 20, 2017


Healthier and Happier with Mindfulness

It was phenomenal experience and healing. Before Body and Brain, I was very stressed and frustrated with my job and physically I have lots of body pain, tensions, allergies, digestion issue, sleep issues, frequent headache, colds, flu or sinus. I also get very tired at the end of the day.

Six years after intensive training and healing, I feel less stressed, more flexible, energetic, positive and have better sleep quality even with less hours. My job now is actually more challenging but I learn how to be present, let go my non-stop thinking, manage my emotions better including worries, doubt, fear, anxieties etc and brighter spiritually.

I am so thankful to Body and Brain for giving me new hope and better life quality. I learn to love myself unconditionally. I must say now that I feel confident that I can manage and heal my body, mind and spirit. Since I felt the huge benefits, I became instructor and have been sharing with my co-workers and communities. I can't never forget the faces I saw after their first experience. They were totally amazed at how relaxed they were physically and inside.

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