Dahn Yoga at Westminster has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am able to handle my emotions, understand them and work with them, rather than fighting upstream. My physical body has gained a tremendous amount of strength. And, after several car accidents I can honestly say I am pain free.

When I do have stress and tension, I come to the center and always feel relaxed and loosened up by the end of class. We have a lot of fun together too. It's a great place to meet genuine people. On a broader level, I feel so much more purpose in my life and can see clearly how to contribute to the world around me. The Dahn Yoga practice has deepened all areas of my life, including my personal relationships, improving my outlook, my communication skills with my friends, family, and global community, and my overall health. I am so much more happy in life, and am grateful to be blessed with such a sanctuary.