During this weekend-long “Power Brain for Self Mastery” retreat in Sedona Mago Retreat , you will immerse yourself in exercises, principles, healing, and meditation that are all designed to awaken your brain to become the master of your life. Learn the detailed method of mastering your brain through Brain Education and the Brain Operating System (BOS).



  • Experience hands-on Brain Education exercises and principles to improve focus, creativity, memory, confidence, and stress management

  • Learn healing techniques to improve physical, emotional, and mental health

  • Unlock your inner power and mental flexibility to create an adaptable, resilient mindset while engaging the scientific principle of neuroplasticity to create new synaptic patterns

  • Refresh negative emotions and release limiting self concepts

  • Listen to the voice of your authentic self and choose a passionate dream that enriches and illuminates your meaningful life purpose


To register or find more information, visit www.sedonamagoretreat.org/power-brain-for-self-mastery