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Event Calendar
7/24   7:30 PM~10:30 PM Post-training for Finding True Self
During Finding True Self workshop you learn what it means to participate 100%! Now get what you need to reinforce what you learned and keep going! Location: Gaithersburg Body & Brain Yoga Center.
7/18   1:00 PM~8:00 PM Finding True Self
Venue : Burke Body & Brain Center. 2 days 7/18 and 7/19 Do you feel something in your life needs to change, but you don't know what to do or where to start? For anyone who truly wants to make a change, this program is crucial for uncovering exactly where you are and setting the intention for where you want to go. Through the Finding Your True Self workshop, you will have the opportunity to actually connect with your True Self, the "real you", underneath all the layers of habits, judgements, emotions, and memories that we have mistakenly identified as who we really are. Through this workshop, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the people closest to you so that you can regain self-confidence, eliminate negative patterns, and achieve more harmonious relationships. Please call for more information, or to register for the program. 301-424-9033. Course fee: $198, held at Gaithersburg Body & Brain Center. RSVP
7/16   7:00 PM~9:00 PM Free Open Heart Chakra
The Heart Chakra increases our energy and sends it in all directions in equal parts. When the Heart Chakra, which links the energies of body and mind together, becomes active, you experience a sense of pure love and compassion. This arises out of a balance of mind and body. “Opening the Heart Chakra Workshop” will help you release suppressed emotions and recover a pure sense of love and gratitude. Register at Rockville Body and Brain RSVP
7/12   10:30 AM~5:30 PM Healing Course : Realize the Healer within
By learning how to heal yourself, and experiencing the effects of change, you will naturally become a healer; sharing your wisdom with others. The Healing Course will introduce to you the principles and practice of better self management, as well as developing the confidence, purity and compassion of a healer. Perfect for beginners and suitable for those with previous experience, the Healing Course will provide lasting benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Three courses are offered: 1. Aura Healing (March), 2. Chakra Healing (July), 3. Breathing Training (Sept) When: 2nd course: July 12th, 3rd course: Sept 27th. Post Training: 3 Sessions after each Main Program once a month Day Location:TBA. Time: 10:30am ~ 5:30pm For details and registration call 301-424-9033
7/8   7:00 PM~9:30 PM Basic Education for Enhanced Training -- (7:15pm ~ 9:15pm)
Appropriate for all levels of experience, but perfect for beginners! Learn the basic principles of Energy Training and principles of Brain Education to deepen your practice during regular class. Register at Rockivlle Body and Brain RSVP.