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5/30   2:00 PM~6:00 PM Initial Awakening Workshop
Have you ever truly "watched" yourself? Or do you find that your mind often wanders off, consumed with thoughts, tasks, and plans, as well as memories of the past and worries of the future? If your mind isn't in your body, neither is your energy. In this state, your body quickly loses its power. Then you begin to feel that chronic weakness, fatigues and an inability to use your body as you wish are just a natural part of life. In this workshop, an experienced trainer will guide you to carefully observe your body, thoughts and emotions while helping you sense and strengthen your lower core to develop a stronger connection with your body. You will gain a deeper understanding of your body's energy system and how Ki energy works as an intermediary between your mind and body. Benefits include: improvement in your physical condition (strengthen your core), enhanced mental focus and concentration, increase in overall energy levels and more. Please call for more information, or to register for the program. 301-424-9033. Course fee: $98, held at Rockville Center
5/30   12:00 PM~1:30 PM Solar Body Method Free Class
Experience an hour of a powerful, natural way to achieve vibrant health and happiness that has transformed life for millions of people world-wide. Get your FREE* copy of The Solar Body and more -