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Healthy Body, Happy Heart & Power Brain

Dewi, Duluth center, GA

I started the practice more than six years ago to manage my stress and improve health condition. I had tense shoulders, lower back issues, sciatic nerve, skin allergy, sinus and difficulty in sleeping. I lost my dad to cancer so I realized how valuable and priceless our health is. Not only do I gain my health, but I get to understand the connection between my body and mind.

I focus better at work, have more flexibility and am a happier person. I never expected that I would find bigger things in life through Dahn Yoga. With the help of our wonderful instructors, I've opened my heart and found the real purpose of my life, which is far more exciting than my job at a Fortune 100 company. My life now is more meaningful and I learn to share love with other people more.

As one my teachers always used to remind us "With the many crises facing our world today, awakening love cannot wait. With love, we can help protect our planet. With love, we can protect the lives of other living creatures. With love, we can cherish our fellow human beings and build a society of peace and harmony. When love fills the hearts of people everywhere, our world will become a truly blessed place. This is not unachievable, for, with our love, we can inspire the love in others, creating a cycle of love. So let us work hard toward this together." I hope to see more of us opening our hearts and join hand in hand in creating a beautiful world for future generations. I love you!

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