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Acid Reflux and Thyroiditis

Laura Rutherford, Rockville center, MD

For nearly four months, I was suffering from acid reflux disease and thyroiditis. I was taking medication on a regular basis to relieve some of the symptoms. My husband suggested that I needed more exercise. In the past, I had taken yoga classes, but I thought many of the postures were too strenuous and uncomfortable. Because Dahn Yoga included Tai Chi, I decided to give it a try.

I found the exercises we did in Rockville Body & Brain Center to be at the right level for me. Instructor Ba Ha kept the classes interesting and fun by constantly introducing new exercises or activities, including brain wave vibration and meditation routines. After class, I always felt refreshed and energized. After attending classes three times a week for three months, I realized my core body strength had improved significantly. I also noticed that I began sleeping through the night without interruption.

I am now symptom-free and no longer taking any medication! I attribute my recovery to the exercise, meditation, and Tai Chi routine at Body & Brain Center.

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