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Discovered the Fear in my Hips

Ba Ha, Rockville center, MD

I was really stressed out; the doctor recommended I take anti-depressants. When I finished my work I went home, no energy at all. I couldn’t do anything. After one week I quit the medication because my energy came back. And then I could do more tasks than before.

I attended private Dahn Mu Do class. That helped to release all the tightening in my shoulders and in my hip joints.
I had a lot of fear. I didn’t know that those physical problems were related to emotions too. Through this training, I discovered the fear that was trapped in my hips. So, once I knew that, I started to release it. …I was in a refugee camp. I came from Vietnam about 30 years ago and I was on a small boat and went to Indonesia. In the process, at least three or four nights, I was sitting in a tropical thunderstorm at night, freezing and tightened up so that caused the problem. 

About 15 years ago, I went to the emergency room because my right kidney was blocked. The x-ray showed my kidney was swollen up and twisted, such an awful picture. After that, every year I went for an annual check-up. And my urine test, compared to others, it was always clouded. I was worried. As of January this year, it was clear. And now after four months, it’s still clear.

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