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Managing Stress and Emotionally Centered

Deborah Dougan, The Woodlands center, TX

YOGA never interested me--I do aerobic classes & biking to get the most intense workout for my time. Last year I re-injured my shoulder carrying luggage on a trip. The sign at Body&Brain caught my eye "successful aging".

After my 1st class I realized how little flexibility I had and how much of a workout this class is. Usually I only get to attend one class a week so I practice the exercises at home, not as much to accelerate my training as to not have to start all over at each class! I practice the shoulder shrugs to release tension from my shoulders. I practice toe tapping going into sleep to release tension since my dentist said I'm clenching my teeth at night.

Every class I learn more of how to heal my body myself, but most of all, the class is complete stress management. Since the past year my flexibility & posture have improved, I can feel when tension starts in my shoulders, I'm taking fewer blood pressure meds, and overall feel more emotionally centered. My career is in Psychology, I have an advanced degree in Neuropsychology, and I conduct stress management workshops. I highly recommend Body&Brain classes for stress management--and for fun!

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