Stress Out, Back Pain GoneIsabel Contreras, Glen Ellyn center, (IL)

tai chi classesBefore I came to this Yoga Center I was really stressed out with horrible back pain; I felt lost and I decided to change.

I no longer feel back pain, stressed and lost. I’m happy that I talked to Hope and she encouraged me to come often and feel the change. I do feel different and more positive than before. Ms. Hope does help and she is a very positive teacher and I am happy that I met her.

On January 16, 2014 I went to Tai Chi class and it was awesome; I felt the energy that the universe offers. The movement of the hands, arms, breathing exercises, and concentration helps me feel the energy all over my body especially my hands. I saw different colors and my hands were pretty warm. I felt a lot of energy and ready to overcome my obstacles. I’m glad I found this place and I won’t change this place for another one.