AboutCore Energy Principles

Body & Brain educates its practitioners on the three energy principles that explain the phenomenon of energy in relation to one's body, brain, and environment. These three energy principles are indispensable components of our Body & Brain practice.

Where the Mind Goes, Energy Follows

Energy follows the direction of your mind and ultimately leads to the creation of your physical reality. This principle reminds us to pay attention to what we are thinking and of the power of our thoughts to create and directly influence our lives as well the lives of others. Our practice guides you to become the master of your mind to harness energy into manifesting the life that you envision for yourself.

Water Up, Fire Down

The optimal energetic balance and circulation in your body is a cool head, open chest, and warm abdomen. Unfortunately, under stressful conditions this natural balance is thrown off and reverses, causing you to become “hotheaded” and sluggish. By learning simple techniques to manage your energy, you can keep the hot fire energy in your belly and cool water energy in your head. In this energetic state, you will not only be physically stronger but also mentally clear to feel grounded in any situation.

Body, Mind and Spirit

As you stabilize your physical energy, you will attain a clear mind and also a bright spirit. Our body, mind, and spirit are not separate from each other, and Body & Brain helps you focus on each components as they all require attention for your comprehensive growth and well-being.