Finding True SelfOpen Your Heart... Find the True You!

Are you stuck in acting out patterns that keep you from achieving your goals, hurt your relationships and may even damage your health? You may already have the tools you need to make this change. The Finding True Self Workshop is a great place to start.

Body & Brain yoga principles emphasize the important role of an individual's mindset plays in their overall health and happiness.


Nowadays, few would be surprised to hear that stress is affecting their physical health. But how you respond to stress affects so much more. The stress reducing benefits of yoga class are enhanced with the life skills that you can develop in the accelerated environment of a workshop.

Shim Sung: Self-Discovery Workshop of Body & Brain yoga


The goal of this workshop is to help you learn how to focus on yourself. This workshop generates a powerful transformation that helps you reconnect with your true nature. Two days of physical exercises, group interaction, meditation, and reflection will help you open a path of greater understanding of yourself, your motivations and your potential. Designed to help you look honestly and carefully at the mental and emotional patterns that keep you from living your best life, this workshop is perfect if you want to get back on track or gain motivation for personal transformation.


Guided Meditation

This workshop aims to help you learn to pay better attention to yourself, your feelings, your responses, your motivations. Meditation is one of the best tools for learning to focus your attention within. This workshop uses time-honored methods to help you gain this skill or improve upon it.


Someone once said that the purpose of yoga is to prepare the body for meditation. Yoga is an essential tool for transforming tension into relaxation and calm. Body & Brain yoga combines several important elements:

  • Meridian Exercises
    More than simple stretching, these exercises activate pressure points and important meridians in your body. With improved circulation and flexibility you will be supercharged to make the most of the workshop.

  • Core Strengthening Exercises
    Developing core strength is an important goal of Body & Brain yoga. In addition to the health benefits it provides, it is one of the best ways to improve emotional balance and a sense of well-being.

  • Deep Breathing Exercises
    Breathing is essential to yoga because your breath connects your body and mind. Deep breathing is the key to releasing tension and developing mental clarity.

Team Building Exercises

Humans are social creatures and we learn a lot about ourselves when we work with others. The people you meet in this workshop may mirror your goals and concerns and may help you see something new.

Dramatic Exercises

One of the principal goals of Finding True Self is to help you learn how to focus on yourself. To do this, you will need to develop new skills and a new perspective. Dramatic exercises like games, challenges and role playing will help you practice observing your reactions and responses from a different vantage point. Since you are participating in these activities with others, the "aha" moments are multiplied and accelerated.



  • Do you feel like you are not living your life to the fullest?
  • Is the stress in your daily life affecting you emotionally?
  • Do you wonder if there is anything you can do to improve your relationships?


  • Why do I need to take a workshop, aren't the classes enough?
    Workshops like Finding True Self offer important stress management and problem solving tools that each individual applies to his or her own experience. More in depth than regular classes, the workshops teach practical application of Body & Brain yoga energy principles.

  • Why does the workshop take 2 days?
    A lot of exercises and information gets packed into this workshop, but its length is due in part to the process for letting go of tension and learning to focus within.

  • Will this be physically demanding?
    The physical exercises involved may be challenging, but will be adapted for an individual's condition and strength.

  • Can I really find my true self in 2 days?
    Getting to know your True Self is really a lifelong pursuit. This workshop gives you the tools you need to get started and to continually play a conscious role in your own growth.

  • Can Finding True Self answer all my questions?
    The Finding True Self Workshop does not really answer your questions, you do. The workshop can help you find answers within yourself to some key questions. The rest is up to you.

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