A Day in the Life of Dahn Yoga: Interview with Adahae Guadagni

Released on February 4th, 2014


Dahn Yoga Life of Adahae

Adahae Guadagni is a full time manager and instructor of the Northbrook Dahn Yoga Center in the Chicago area. His immediate comment when asked about being interviewed for this month’s Dahn Yoga Life was both enthusiastic and revealing, “I’d be honored! I have been training with Dahn Yoga for 9 years and each year is more rewarding than the last!” Enjoy the story of Adahae’s own personal triumph and the gifts he has shared with others along the way.

DY: When did you first become involved in practicing Dahn Yoga?

I have been interested in mind, body and spiritual practices as long as I can remember, and began searching in earnest when as a young teen. After becoming involved in dozens of different paths, I found Dahn Yoga when I was nineteen and knew it was what I was looking for. I saw a blend of the essential elements that I had been learning in other ways, yet I was deeply moved by the wisdom and authenticity of my teachers, they had a depth and sincerity that I had never seen before. After two years of training and working in the Center, I remember sitting in the Center one day, and being filled with an indescribable sense of gratitude and peace, as I realized that I had found everything that I had been searching for; I had found my calling!

DY: What is the most interesting or unusual thing about your story that you would like to share?

I was born with a lazy eye, and always wore glasses or contacts to correct the condition. In 2008, when we began Brain Wave Vibration training, I experienced a miraculous healing which strengthened and ultimately corrected my "incurable" condition! After that, I became a true believer that the brain has the ability to heal anything in the body.

DY: Please tell us more…

My left eye was inherently weaker and my eye doctor told me that, because my brain had rerouted all of my vision to my right eye and had neurologically cut off that passage way to my left eye, that my eye would never improve much. He explained that there is no surgery or procedure that would help it. I began doing Brain Wave Vibration every morning for about 3 months. Several times during the exercises I felt a real strong “elation” in my left eye, like kind of going into my brain…possibly the optic nerve or something. It was when I accidentally broke the glasses which I used to wear every day and didn’t have any contacts on hand that I realized my eye had improved! My left eye didn’t cross anymore. Then I kind of put the pieces together; I recalled the experience of feeling my left eye being stimulated so much during the brain wave vibration, and realized that the brain must have reconnected something during the exercise!


DY: The healing of you eyesight condition is a wonderful story, and your enthusiasm is contagious. When we began you said that “each year is more rewarding than the last.” Share your thoughts on those first nine years with our readers, please.

I had not come to Dahn Yoga looking to solve a problem, I was generally healthy and happy. Yet, I found out so much more than I ever expected that I would have come sooner had I known what was possible. Gaining a true sense of inner peace and confidence and self-love and respect I think are the most valuable things in the world. Beyond healing the body and mind, the best things that I found from Dahn Yoga was a sense of life purpose and inner direction that I feel are tools that will help me my whole life.

DY: In addition to your unanticipated healing, please tell us, what is the best thing that has come as a result of sharing and teaching Dahn Yoga, both for yourself and for others?

I am constantly amazed and thrilled to see the big and small changes in my members. I feel that the love and care that goes into sharing Dahn Yoga training is as important as giving water to plants, because regardless of a person's history or condition, everyone can improve with proper care.

For example, I used to be somewhat more anxious. It wasn’t something I would ever have needed medication for, but until I was able to cure it, I didn’t realize how different my life would be and how much more liberated, and how much more free and happy I would feel not having any more anxiety. It seems like you get used to yourself and don’t realize how much better it could be. Dahn Yoga helped me discover this.

Watching how people’s lives change as they discover self-love and trust is a constant source of joy… and I am often overwhelmed with gratitude and satisfaction for being able to help facilitate these experiences.

DY: You teach classes, private sessions and workshops at the Center. Tell us about one you mentioned as one of your favorites – ShimSung Workshop.

ShimSung is definitely a favorite workshop. I have participated in and staffed it every year. In fact I’ve probably staffed it close to 100 times over the past 8 or 9 years. I’ve led the workshop as a trainer four times now. It’s amazing because that workshop is so powerful and so multi-faceted that it’s a never ending source of growth and inspiration, no matter what role you have and no matter how many times you’ve taken it! There’s always been something of huge value to be gained – whether I’ve been a participant or have been part of the training!

DY: What wisdom do you strive to share with your members on a daily basis?

For most people, the focus is outside of themselves, outside of their bodies, with a focus on others and their conditions and situations. Instead, I encourage them to focus on themselves. I believe internal focus leads to the entire healing process of the body correcting itself; leads to developing inner awareness and sensitivity, and then being able to make decisions more consciously. In my opinion, the simple pledge to internal focus is the prerequisite to healing. That’s the message I find myself delivering most often; I encourage them to focus on themselves.

DY: Thank you, Adahae!

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  • Diane|12:25 PM on February 16th, 2014

    Dahn yoga has changed my life. I'm full of life, happiness & very content. However that was not the case months ago. I've had many obstacles along the way. I would drink, smoke & take drugs to NOT FEEL MY LIFE'S PAIN. Now I am on my way to a BETTER LIFE :) thanks to DAHN

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