Body Talk: The Lowdown on the Lower Back Interview with Banya Lim

Released on March 7th, 2014



Banya Lim provides holistic insight into the power and vulnerability of the lower back.

DYLWhat is the work of the lower back?

BL: This is one of the most versatile areas of the human body. It holds the weight of the upper body and at the same time it must be flexible and strong enough to provide the energy to move the entire body. Tension and pressure gathers in the lower back due too much weight, poor posture and repetitive misuse of the entire body.

DYLWhat are the causes of lower back problems?

BL: In my experience chronic discomfort in this area can be caused by: First — injury as in car accidents and various other mishaps that cause fractures and other injuries. Second — a general weakness in the lower back possibly since birth that has worsened. Third — poor posture while standing or sitting and walking incorrectly for long periods of time. All these can have a relationship with weak and fragile areas of the body. Any posture held repetitively such as sitting at a computer, standing in the kitchen, or driving a vehicle can cause weakness in the lower back.

DYL: What causes lower back pain?

BL: Slipped discs (herniated) between the vertebrae are a very common cause of discomfort in the back because the pressure the disc puts on a nerve. Degenerative vertebrae are the most likely cause of a slipped disc, but misuse of the natural alignment of the spine and accidents often responsible as well. When a herniated disc of the lower spine presses or impinges on a nerve root it can cause pain, numbness and weakness in one or both legs as well as in the low back pain.

DYL: What treatments do you recommend?

BL: Our bodies have an intelligence that is always seeking to return to its original state of health. It is always attempting to maintain equilibrium throughout system.

What I do with this innate intelligence and wisdom is assist the body in doing its work while returning to its healthy original state. I use acupressure, acupuncture and oriental herbs to enhance the healing system that is already present in the body.

These treatments help to open the chakra and meridian systems of the body releasing internal block energy pathways. Three key points on the body help energy circulate in the lower back.

DYLWhat do recommend for people to help heal and maintain lower back health?

BL: Of course I recommend Dahn Yoga. By practicing Dahn Yoga you can relieve pain in the lower back permanently as you strengthen and energize your whole body. I also recommend Jangsaeng walking. Translated from Korean means longevity walking.

I have a video on the internet that demonstrates how to care for your back by practicing Dahn Yoga postures.

—Marti Bay

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