Dahn Yoga Workshop Spotlight: Brain Management Training

Released on March 12th, 2014


Dahn Yoga Workshop Spotlight

I joined Dahn Yoga because of a sense that a disconnection existed between my mind, my body and my life. My center manager introduced me to the Brain Management Training (BMT) workshop as a way to help me develop awareness of how my thoughts and actions are connected to my health, success and fulfillment in life.

The concept of “brain management” seemed abstract to me as I wondered what it meant to be the manager of my brain. I thought I was already making good choices and staying positive. I asked “how does this awareness relate to my body’s condition and where will it all lead to anyway?” I just couldn’t grasp what it felt like to utilize my brain in harmony with my body, emotions and action. After BMT, I understood what it meant to heal myself and, through regular mindful study and practice, I gained ownership and mastery over my brain.

Jay Yoon, main trainer for the workshop, summed BMT up in one simple phrase, “Take back your brain!” He says most of us go around for years carrying our brains around without realizing we have a built in operating system. When understood, utilized and maintained, it helps us to create healthy, happy, peaceful lives filled with meaning and purpose. “The Brain Operating System (B.O.S),” shares Jay Yoon, “is a map for your life detailing how you can change yourself for the better.” As they experience the principles of B.O.S, workshop participants gain a deeper awareness of their mind, body connection and the importance of regular maintenance for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

At BMT, participants learn that regular maintenance of B.O.S. begins with SuHaeng, the daily practice of performing action with sincerity and an intention to grow. Each morning includes lectures about principles that are put to practice during the afternoon sessions, followed by breathing, relaxation and meditation after dinner. “Through this experience, participants can really change themselves,” says Jay Yoon. “They also regain confidence and a sense of ownership of their brains, learn core principles for optimizing and changing their energy, and acquire tools for guiding others.”

Why take BMT? Besides the tools you gain to improve their own lives, participants also receive the Brain Management Consultant certification so that with a center manager’s guidance, they can choose to teach class at a Dahn Yoga center or teach in the community.

—Monica Lugo

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