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Released on April 9th, 2014



We spoke with Tempe Dahn Yoga Center Manager, Jeonjin Lee. The Korean-born instructor shares insights on growth with Dahn Yoga and what he has learned from plants.

DYL: We understand that your full day includes a project you have developed with your center members. Tell us about that.

JL: I started gardening indoors at my center reception area growing veggies using hydroponics. As a big city boy who grew up having nothing to do with farming or gardening, I have never [been] interested in growing plants or veggies. I started very simply - I cut a branch and put it in the water, and it started to grow. I found it fascinating, rewarding and humbling, and now I have full indoor garden at the center.

DYL: With record numbers of members attending class each day, your project will have help!

JL: Yes, some members are interested in getting together and building the systems for [non-profit] fundraising, and to have one at home, to look at and enjoy ... It sounds like a fountain, but it is exactly like the Water Up, Fire Down principle in Dahn Yoga! Looking at this as water goes up and then trickles down is very soothing.

DYL: What is the best thing that has come from your Dahn Yoga practice?

JL: Peace. Before Dahn Yoga I was always shaped by something I “have to do” and uncertainty of the future. My whole goal was to win it all and excel, do better than others, get a good job, go to this college...I had to have an attitude of “winning,” and that was really tiring me out. My personal health was at its bottom...

That’s when I found Dahn Yoga...I started in September of 1996, and especially after Shim Sung, I felt there was hope...I knew I wanted to become an instructor and spend my life delivering what I had learned...Less than one year later, I found myself in an airplane heading to Hawaii to teach Dahn Yoga.

DYL: How do you relate to teaching and how do you encourage your students?

JL: I often [stand] outside of center to wait and greet members coming to class. One member carefully said seeing me welcoming him, it felt like welcoming by his dog at home. I really like his comment and thought it one of the best compliments I have heard. I don't exactly know how his dog feels about him, but I know I am always so happy to see my members, if I had a tail, it would wag!

—Lynn Trombetta

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