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Ilchi Lee’s Brain Education

Ilchi Lee is a dedicated advocate of peaceful, sustainable world, a New York Times bestselling author, and an innovative leader in human brain potential development.

Lee is the creator of Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, which is the foundation of our programs, from basic classes to advanced workshops. Brain Education is a holistic self-development system with a powerful five-step approach. Ilchi Lee created practical training methods that helps you utilize your brain fully and reach your greatest potential.
It is a progressive convergence of Eastern holistic tradition and current information about the brain.

A true believer in the power of individuals to change themselves and the world around them, Ilchi Lee seeks to empower individuals to live according to their highest ideals and grandest dreams. He identifies the source of the ability to do so in the human brain, and thus considers its development as the most critical aspect of human progress. For this reason, he created Brain Education, which organizes the best of his programs into a profound five-step process for unleashing the brain's unlimited potential.

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