1) Take H-1 WEST 2) Take the Aiea/Stadium EXIT, then merge right onto Moanalua Road 3) Pass Wendy's on the left, and turn LEFT at the THIRD traffic light onto Kauhale Street (McDonald's will be on your right) 4) Enter the SECOND driveway on the right (before the Aiea Post Office) 5) We are on the 2nd floor above Queen Street BBQ!

Open House! 8AM & 10AM08/07/2015

Please join us for Open class event on Saturday at 8am & 10am. Free class .Please call us to reserve your spot


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  • Saturday -


    12:00 PM - 07:00 PM

    Finding True Self

    Venue : Body & Brain yoga Aiea Center
    Do you feel something in your life needs to change, but you don't know what to do or where to start? For anyone who truly wants to make a change, this program is crucial for uncovering exactly where you are and setting the intention for where you want to go. Through the Finding Your True Self workshop, you will have the opportunity to actually connect with your True Self, the "real you", underneath all the layers of habits, judgements, emotions, and memories that we have mistakenly identified as who we really are. Through this workshop, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the people closest to you so that you can regain self-confidence, eliminate negative patterns, and achieve more harmonious relationships.


Here We Are!



99-080 Kauhale St. #C21
Aiea, HI 96701


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Membership Price Details
Registration $35
One Regular Class $20
1-on-1 Introductory Session $30
1 Month Unlimited $150
3 Month Unlimited $420 Experience thorough benefits of this practice by committing 100 days. You will surely feel a noticeable change in your physical and energy condition. We will arrange frequent private (ki) energy checkups that include breathing and flexibility advancements
1 Year Unlimited $1230 Become truly genuine and authentic to who you are. Change your energy and therefore change your life! Manifest your true potential, become awakened to your inner strength. Complement your regular training with package workshop programs and save up to $630
Class Packages
10 Classes Unlimited $150 Create changes from starting a fresh, new habit through a once-a-week series. Although it may be a minute step to improved health, you may want to continue for a longer time!
Private Session
Private sessions consist of 75 minute long sessions. Private healing and/or private training sessions are held daily. Instructor(s) will create a healing and/or training program that will best suit your current condition. We recommend combining private healing and regular class training programs to better your body's condition. Energy healings will especially enhance your body's circulation of energy and will help to restore your body to its most natural condition. Mention this website to your instructor and experience your intial private session appointment at 20% off (regularly $150)!

Our Class Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Core Strengthening05:30-06:30Core Strengthening:Intestine Exercise class. In the human body, many toxins accumulate in the intestines, which can affect all other internal organs. This class focuses on exercising your intestines, to encourage increased blood and energy circulation and improved elimination of waste and toxins from the body.
Basic Yoga06:00-07:10Basic Yoga:Regular Dahn Yoga class includes stretching, breathing exercise and meditation. It is geared for all levels, easy for beginners to follow and challenging enough for the advanced practitioner.
Basic Yoga05:30-06:30Basic Yoga:Regular Dahn Yoga class includes stretching, breathing exercise and meditation. It is geared for all levels, easy for beginners to follow and challenging enough for the advanced practitioner.
Yoga and Kigong06:00-07:10Yoga and Kigong:
Energy Movement06:00-07:10Energy Movement:Vibration Class. Vibration is an effective way to release stress and stagnant energy from your body. Vibration also stimulates blood and energy circulation throughout the body, recharging it with fresh energy.