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Northbrook - Irina K.

It was meant to be. I saw a Body & Brain Yoga brochure at a Currency Exchange. I was looking for a non-explosive type of exercise to get back into shape after having our second child. Body & Brain Yoga offered meditation as well - perfect! exactly what I had started practicing.

It wasn't all. I was looking for something else, something to fill a void I was feeling deep inside. I had a great job I loved but I had started thinking of applying myself elsewhere, somewhere I could make a bigger impact. I wasn't quite sure but I knew a bigger mission was calling my name.

Within a couple of weeks of starting my training I got laid off. Perfect timing! Now I had the opportunity to start working on my dream. As weeks went by I started noticing some differences: I had more patience, more love, more creativity, more strength, more self confidence - more inward focus - and improved relationships. It no longer made a difference whether I was taking a walk with my husband, spending time with my kids, staying up at night making plans for the future or cooking. It all became ONE LIFE!

I started to find excitement in the daily things. And then I took the Initial Awakening workshop - wow, amazing! And then Shim Sung (Finding True Self Workshop). Can it be me having this life changing experience?  Next was the Brain Management Training (BMT) in Sedona, AZ, and still more realizations and awakenings. Now, only 10 months after starting Body & Brain Yoga, positive changes have become a regular occurrence and every one brings so much joy.

My body is more balanced, can bend and twist in so many ways; centeredness; a greater mental and emotional balance; larger thinking; some quiet deep sense that everything is good and will be even better. Gratitude for everything in my life, for LIFE itself. Even the seeming challenges and roadblocks now have transformed into opportunities. Desire supported by the energy, strength and conviction to help others. And actually taking real steps, just DOING it. All the physical benefits (hormonal balance, women's health, etc.) are just happening naturally. Answers seem to come naturally. I still need help and guidance sometimes, but just knowing that all of the answers are within me fills me with confidence and trust and faith.

Thank you, Body & Brain Yoga! Thank you, Universe! I encourage you to experience the powers that lie within and get empowered. 

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Belly Button Healing with Fatima Bustos- Choi
To view the whole segment about Belly Button Healing featured on LA 18, please go to their official website!
Dis N Dat TV12 Hawaii
Honolulu, HI. DND TV12 features Body & Brain centers in Hawaii to talk about its benefits and how it is different from other yoga practices.

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