For over 20 years, Body & Brain has been offering yoga, tai chi, breathwork, and guided meditation in classes and workshops. Currently, you can practice Body & Brain at over 100 locations nationwide.

Physical health, emotional wellbeing and spiritual satisfaction are not separate. Body & Brain practice provides practical techniques and programs to help you care for all three of these important aspects of life.

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Explore training methods based on a 5000-year-old tradition designed to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy using stretching, breathing, meridian exercises, martial arts, and meditation.

#GetBright Campaign
Body & Brain has established the #GetBright Campaign to help our community members do the things that keep them feeling strong and healthy. Learn More >>

Get a 50-minute Private Introductory Session!

One of our trained instructors will work with you to check your current energy (Qi or Ki) condition and provide 1-on-1 guidance on how best to utilize our exercises and programs. We can help you make a plan of how to achieve your goals with Body & Brain practice.

ONLY $20