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The Universal Benefits of Meridian “Tapping” 2015-09-07

The Universal Benefits of Meridian “Tapping”

Tapping is definitely one of the first exercises that stand out in a Dahn Yoga class. In fact, it’s a regular part of the Warm-ups, which includes tapping the body methodically and with rhythm and is sometimes a part of the Main Exercises. It may seem like you are simply “hitting” yourself, but this age-old technique has many health benefits such as improved blood and energy circulation, stress-relief, and so much more!
Most importantly, tapping is a simple technique designed to improve circulation and activate the flow of energy along the body’s Energy Pathways (Meridians) and Energy Centers (Chakras). The most important of these is located in the center of the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel. In Korean, this is known as the lower “DahnJon.” In China, it is called the “DanTian.” Tapping regularly can create balance in your body and make a significant difference you overall health. 
When you learn more about the location of the meridians and energy centers in your body, you can gain a lot of health benefits tapping in those specific places. Overall, tapping is great for Yoga, Tai-Chi, and preparation for Meditation. It’s a very universal application! Give it a try!

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  • Thursday


    07:30 PM - 09:30 PM


    Venue: Body & Brain Durango Center


    HEROES is a group of diverse like minded individuals ages 18-40 that are looking to awaken our passion and unleash our limitless potential through deep training.

    Join us to feel the natural rhythm in your body, and learn how to direct your energy to create the life you want.

    To register(FREE), please call 702 365 9642.

  • Saturday


    01:00 PM - 06:00 PM

    Initial Awakening Workshop : Quiet your mind. Strengthen your core.

    Initial Awakening Workshop : Quiet your mind. Strengthen your core.

    Initial Awakening is an awakening to your physical body. As your senses are awakening, you will begin to realize the necessity to have an anchor that will enable you to keep calm & maintain an objective view point to all the information you will receive from your body. Develop your center and learn how to manage your physical boyd. Through this workshop, you will experience self healing and will increase your awareness.


    Venue : BodynBrain Montecito center

  • Tuesday


    07:30 PM - 09:30 PM

    Beginners Education

    This class is specifically designed for the new member, but everyone is welcome to join. During this class you will learn the basic principles of Body & Brain to better help enhance your experience with the classes. You will learn and experience the why and how the classes work for creating health, happiness, and peace.

    Please register to attend. 




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