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Relax, Stretch and Breathe at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Albuquerque, New Mexico

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Albuquerque, NM offers a variety of yoga classes to energize the mind, body, and spirit. Visit Albuquerque center to explore practices based on tradition Eastern stretching, breathing, meridian exercise, tai chi, and meditation techniques. Our classes can help you strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, refresh your mind and body, and revitalize your life.

We are located on the second floor on the side of the Birdside Shopping center near the gas station.

How to start at Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi?

The best way to start learning and practicing Body & Brain is to book a 1-on-1 Introductory Session

One of our trained instructors will work with you to check your flexibility, balance, breathing,and stress levels and provide 1-on-1 guidance on how best to utilize our exercises and programs.

Click here to book a 1-on-1 introductory session with special online offered price.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Hongik Cheong
Spiritual Name : Hongik (Benefit each individual and all life on Earth)
Spiritual Title : DahnSa (Role model among teachers)
21 years of Body & Brain Yoga Practice (Since 1997)
Regional Director of New Mexico Region
Center Manager of Albuquerque Body & Brain
Find True Self Trainer
Brain Education Trainer
HSP (Hyper Sensory Perception) Trainer
Healing Chakra Trainer
Gut Health Expert (Gut Brain Workshop Trainer)
Former Managing Director of HQ / Education Team Manager
Former Regional Director of IL, LA North, CO, & Sandiego Region
Bette Castoria
Spiritual name : Geum Gwang (Golden Star Dust)
11 years of Body & Brain Yoga Practice (Since 2006)
Brain Education Leadership Course Level 1,2,3 Certified
New Mexico Region Brain Education Regional Trainer
Dahn Master
Kathy Atencio
Spiritual name : Yong Soo (Dragon Water)
11 years of Body & Brain Yoga Practice (Since 2006)
Assistant Manager, Albuquerque Body & Brain
Dahn Master
1 Hour Class

At Body & Brain we believe that your body holds all answers. We encourage our practitioners to trust their body’s innate wisdom and therefore do not require a high degree of flexibility, balance, or strength to follow our basic exercises. Our classes accommodate people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels to participate comfortably at their own pace.


Our classes vary throughout the week.. A basic class includes deep meridian stretching, core strengthening, meditation, refreshing cool-down, and tea meditation time. Each class lasts about 1 hour.

Body & Brain Yoga (All levels) ( BBY )

Body & Brain Yoga's regular classes are great for all levels and ages! Each class has effective and dynamic components of stretching, breathing, and meditation to destress, strengthen, and relax the mind and body. You will definitely feel refreshed and energized even after just one fun session guided by our experienced instructors!


Core Strengthening ( COR )

Core Strengthening class emphasizes our inner abdominal muscles related to supporting the flexibility and strength of our organs, hips, the breathing diaphragm, and back. In this class, we combine Belly Button Healing, Intestinal (Abdominal) Exercises with Meridian Stretches and Core Energy Breathing postures to increase circulation to help strengthen our immune system and improve our gut health. This class includes deep stretching, core breathing, relaxation and meditation for chakra health and balance.

Energy Movement ( VIB )

With rhythmic energy movement, this class creates vibrations in the body to rebalance the energy of the brain. This class will include Dahn Mu (moving energy meditation), tapping, vibration, dancing, breathing, and meditation. Through rhythm and sound, you will release stress and body tension and bring your brain into a calm and meditative state. Relax your body and mind and recover your center to ground your energy. 

Tai Chi ( TAI )

Tai Chi incorporates slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a low-impact martial art with amazing benefits.

Tai Chi and Ki gong ( TNK )

Tai Chi & Ki Gong combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises to help your circulation, balance, and alignment while restoring energy. This is a very low-impact exercise with amazing benefits.

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