Awaken Your Happiness with Ilchi Lee's Colorful Calligraphic Meditation Book

August 19, 2015
Awaken Your Happiness with Ilchi Lees Colorful Calligraphic Meditation Book


Calligraphic Meditation

For Everyday Happiness

Magically empowering from the very first page, New York Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee’s new hardcover book, Calligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness (Best Life Media 2015) offers 52 thought-provoking and inspiring messages. Whether the chapters are read in order, or randomly opened to any page of the book for a “message for the day,” it’s sure to awaken the “lava hot passion for life” we each have within us.

Joyfully illustrated by Lee, Chinese characters and playful images dance across its 220 pages and draw the reader ever deeper into the exploration of the true self. The calligraphy feels spontaneous; as if the ink might still be wet upon the page as colorful images help communicate deep awareness of the path to happiness that lies within.

The joy of the soul never runs out, no matter how much you may share it.
—Ilchi Lee, Calligraphic Meditation

As Lee provokes thoughts on happiness, change, consciousness and purpose, sage tidbits of his Brain Education philosophy on how the brain can be managed through self-awareness are cleverly woven into the fabric of this comforting guidebook to greater consciousness.

On Day 23, in a chapter called “The Master of Your Brain,” he comments, “A purpose in life acts like a directional signal for the brain. The brain continues to process all information according to its light. Without that light, the brain cannot help but follow its survival instincts and habits. Those who have turned on their directional signal, their purpose in life, are the masters of their brains.”

This might seem like serious reading, yet the reader’s eye is continuously entertained by shifting type-style treatments and colors with teasing, sometimes nearly child-like images that keep the message light; until the mind and the ego let it all in.

Perhaps the most freeing message contained within the pages of Calligraphic Meditation for Everyday Happiness is expressed by Lee’s statement, “You should live life as the master of your own life by questioning yourself, choosing for yourself, and doing your best to follow that choice.”

Beautiful as a daily companion for illuminating meditation or as a coffee table book to brighten the day, you will find yourself drawn back to its pages again and again.

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