Think Pink for HEALTHIER TOGETHER in October with Breast Cancer Awareness

September 23, 2015
Think Pink for HEALTHIER TOGETHER in October with Breast Cancer Awareness


October is

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This month Body & Brain centers all around the country are focusing on a new workshop topic for their national HEALTHIER TOGETHER campaign, “Breast Cancer Awareness: Release Old Stress, Create New Life.”

All month long, Body & Brain centers across the country will be offering one-week free class to breast cancer patients and/or survivors.

Let Body & Brain empower you for optimal health! Turn on your natural healing ability and improve your overall health through first-hand experience of Body & Brain’s holistic healing techniques.

Did you know that congested energy from stress and negative emotions blocks energy flow to the heart and chest area, which creates ideal conditions for breast cancer? This month, we will help you release stressful energy from the chest first and then from the whole body through our signature exercises. We not only can help in preventing the disease by increasing circulation but also in mitigating symptoms of the disease and side effects of treatment by increasing your vital energy.

Together we will explore key principles and simple exercises and techniques which are easily applied to everyday life.

You will:

  • Learn about the cancer connection between stress and stagnant/hot/blocked energy especially in the chest area

  • Understand how illness develops when the body’s ki energy becomes obstructed, and learn easy exercises to help “unblock” these blockages to restore healthy energy flow.

  • Learn to recognize your own personal signs of stress and develop healthy responses and techniques to alleviate stress symptoms.

We’re working together for a healthier you! The “Breast Cancer Awareness: Release Old Stress, Create New Life” workshop is part of an ongoing effort by Body & Brain to help you be the best you can be through easy to implement techniques for health and wellness.

These free health workshops are relaxed and friendly, and we encourage you to bring a friend or family member. For more information, please contact your local Body & Brain center for the next workshop date.