Ramsey, NJ Center: Class Pricing and Description

February 1, 2020
Ramsey NJ Center Class Pricing and Description


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Through your Body & Brain practice, it is possible to improve chronic pain conditions, immunity, stress and anxiety. In our Regular Class, you will release tension from your body and control the effects of stress through movement, simple meditation techniques, and breath work. You will gently stretch your muscles while moving and rotating your joints, and this aids in the release of pain. Our class works to strengthen your lower energy center, which increases balance, provides strength, and brings vitality to your body. Here are our memberships and pricing:

1 year: $1440
6 months: $840
3 months: $480
1 month: $180
Memberships include the benefit of unlimited regular class attendance and regular breathing checkups.

Class Packages
20-class: $350 (good for 6 months)
10-class: $200 (good for 3 months)
Attend any class on our regular class schedule and receive individual guidance for better breathing.


Our Regular Class contains three main components:

Meridian Stretching stretches the muscles and pulls in fresh ki energy while joint rotation releases stagnant energy. As the body naturally releases tension, energy flows more smoothly through the energy channels (meridians). Movement, breath, and body awareness are combined to purify energy and strengthen the body.

Jung Choong Breathing uses specialized postures for accumulating energy through focus and proper positioning of the body. Through Jung Choong breathing, one develops the core’s energy center and provides the foundation for further energy development.

Jigam (Energy Meditation) is an easy-to-follow meditative exercise which calms the brain waves and develops energy sensitivity. It also builds mental clarity and focus. A unique, signature part of Body & Brain class, many members express that jigam is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of our regular class.


Private classes and one-on-one sessions are also available. These are customized based on your condition. Ask the Center Manager for details.

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