120 Years Experience

July 3, 2018
120 Years Experience


June marked the first 120 School Meditation Retreat at Sedona Mago Retreat in AZ. Participants got to experience the beauty of Sedona's natural scenery (with the unusual appearance of a few rain showers to keep things cool). They took a precious few days out of their busy schedules to strengthen their dedication to living long, healthy and fulfilling lives. Over 50 members and staff shared their intention to create their best lives with peace and love.

When they weren't visiting some of Sedona's famous sites, retreat participants had time to practice deep meditation and creative planning for their futures. Everyone had a chance to reconnect with hope and confidence about living a happy, healthy and meaningful 120 years. The 120 School teaches that in order to maximize human potential, it's important not only to have knowledge and ability but the dream of living well.

Unlike some site-seeing tours, the 120 School Meditation Retreat is about looking inside as much as it is about enjoying the natural scenery. The nice thing about that is, even after returning home, you can still revisit some of the most beautiful places on the tour through meditation because they exist inside you.

Are you curious about what it would be like to participate in the 120 School Meditation Retreat?

Interested in finding out if one of the upcoming Retreats might be a chance for you to refresh and restore your natural energy and spirit? By hearing from some of the participants you can get a better sense of how you might benefit from the 120 School Meditation Retreat.

If reading these sharings piques your interest, contact an instructor at any Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi Center to learn more about how you could benefit from the 120 School.

Participants' Sharing

I took yet another step on my journey to heal myself. I gained an even bigger capacity to love my fellow humans. Surrounded by so much love/loving caring participants and leaders in these last 4 days, I was given the opportunity to access deep love and compassion, to celebrate awakenings with many others.”
- Janis, Tempe, AZ

"Through meditation and the unique energy vortex of this place.... I became aware of the purity of each soul's energy, including my own, and was able to see the past emotions and thoughts and preconceptions holding me back from true self power."
- Steven, Pinecrest, FL

"I realized the need to surrender to life and trust in the heart. My mission is to develop courage and self-reliance. I will restore my health through diet, exercise and positive thinking...."
- Alan, Pasadena, CA

"The retreat was comprehensive and covered almost all components that are necessary for my awakening and growth. I was able to look at myself and my conditions closely. This made me find what I really need to change in the direction of my life for the next 60 years +. The most important awakening for me was to find the importance of "choice" and practicing the principles in living."
- Mary, Cerritos, CA

"I saw the light in my brain and the life particles all around me. I feel I need to be this light and share it with others. The energy here is very strong. I was able to see and feel more about my true self."
-Terri, Missouri City, TX

"I realized I have trouble accepting offers of help, even freely offered. I have learned that allowing people to help me gives them pleasure and satisfaction, too. The caring, touchie-feelie attitude of Body & Brain is not a fake facade. It is genuine and I must trust more easily."
- Meri, Albuquerque, NM

"I gained principles from every session that are helpful for my personal growth. I gained much healing energy especially from Mago Castle and the last morning early AM meditation. I cannot say everything but thank you so much for it all. The 120 steps were powerful to see my life more clearly."
- Nancy, Albuquerque, NM

"Sedona is beautiful, I want to come back many times. I am the creator of my life. I am responsible for everything in my life. Everything is my choice. I have to choose, I have to take action. I am not this body, I am eternal life. Heaven is inside me and all around me.... I have so much potential."
- Arius, Beaverton, OR

Written by David Driscoll
David Driscoll has been teaching Body & Brain and Brain Education for over 14 years. He is currently managing Body & Brain’s YouTube channel, BNBTV, as well as hosting Brain Masterz- A User’s Manual for the Brain- along with Minjae Kim. David studied anthropology at Princeton University and enjoys tai chi and meditation as well as traveling, studying languages, and golf.