Keep your hands and feet warm and cozy

December 25, 2018
Keep your hands and feet warm and cozy


Keep your extremities cozy

Whether you’re in a part of the country that’s blanketed in snow or even if you’re in a warmer locale like Arizona or Hawaii, it’s still important to keep your extremities cozy when it’s cold outside. Granted, some people don’t like to bother with socks, gloves, or hats, but staying warm can help keep your body relaxed and healthy. Studies have shown that even a slight increase in your body temperature may enhance the functions of your immune system. So if you’re the kind of person who feels stiff, tired, or numb in cold weather, it’s worth doing something to warm up your body.

Try Intestinal Exercises

If you’re not already doing it for the multitude of benefits it provides, a tried-and-true way to warm up your hands and feet is intestine exercises. Standing, seated, or lying down, comfortably but with your back straight, move your intestines and internal organs by pulling your belly button in towards your spine, then back out as far away from it as you can. Try different speeds, both faster and slower, whenever you have a minute or two. You can do this just about anytime and anywhere, consciously focusing on your lower dahnjon, the energy center in your lower abdomen, or even while you’re driving, or when you’re waiting in line at the post office. It’s important to keep your shoulders relaxed. In no time, you’ll feel cold hands and feet warming up, just from moving your gut!