The Power of the Heart

February 7, 2019
The Power of the Heart


You probably can recognize when someone is speaking to you from the heart. Their words convey sincerity, care, and conviction. When someone is speaking only "from the head," however, you can tell the difference. They might be saying all the right things, but their words lack a certain feeling. Let’s explore what we call “Heart Power” and think about why it is an important part of creating the life you want.

First of all, heart power is important for your brain! Studies have shown that the functions of the heart and the brain are linked together. According to Marwan Sabbagh, M.D., “The healthier your heart is, the less likely you are to develop dementia over time… Exercise has been shown to improve cognitive abilities; it causes secretion of a brain chemical called BDNF which is a healing brain chemical… We know that exercise has clearly been shown to alter risk and improve cognitive function at the same time.”

You may also have heard that the electromagnetic field of the heart is about 60 times stronger than that of the brain. Your heart’s electromagnetic field spreads out and can be detected a number of feet away from your body. In terms of manifesting your intentions in the world, it's worth considering that your heart might be sending out much stronger signals than your brain. Perhaps this is why many teachers suggest that in order to change our lives we need to feel what we are trying to create, rather than just understanding it.

Studies are being done to see if your emotional state can, in fact, be subconsciously recognized by other people through this electromagnetic field. It is hypothesized that one person’s heart field can affect other people’s emotional states, and hence their brainwaves. This might explain the often-noticed phenomenon of two people whose emotional states become increasingly intertwined over time. “Cardioelectromagnetic” communication is one possible explanation for this experience.

Holding a Heart

So where do you start activating and optimizing your heart power? In eastern practices, the heart chakra is traditionally the seat of the ‘true self’ and it governs and is affected by emotions. As we mature, the heart chakra gets stronger and brighter, lighting up our lives with love, joy, and acceptance. You can practice developing your heart energy by increasing your awareness of and releasing tension from your chest. Some good ways to do this include chest tapping, breathing, and energy meditation.

One of the best ways to grow your heart energy is by sharing good things with others. In February, why not share the gifts of health, happiness, and peace with your friends and family by referring someone to come to the center. Best of all, you can encourage each other and have fun. Body & Brain Yoga is uniquely focused on the energy of the heart. Call or visit a center today to learn more about how Body & Brain can help you strengthen and share your heart energy!

Written by David Driscoll
David Driscoll has been teaching Body & Brain and Brain Education for over 14 years. He is currently managing Body & Brain’s YouTube channel, BNBTV, as well as hosting Brain Masterz- A User’s Manual for the Brain- along with Minjae Kim. David studied anthropology at Princeton University and enjoys tai chi and meditation as well as traveling, studying languages, and golf.