DahnMuDo: Korean Traditional Martial Arts

March 19, 2019
DahnMuDo Korean Traditional Martial Arts


DahnMuDo: Korean Style Tai Chi

Dahn means: Pure energy, Red.
Mu means: Martial arts, limitless, nothingness.
Do means: Tao, the way.

DahnMuDo is a korean traditional self healing martial arts and involves a comprehensive system of movement that is derived from the ancient tradition of Korean healing and martial arts forms. It includes principles and practices for the enhancement of life energy and for the development of the ability to use energy. It can be literally translated as “the art of being limitless.” Dahnmudo is a discipline designed to develop power and to uncover endless creative energy.

In this non-combative, healing martial art, we learn how to use our body to enhance our mental and spiritual strength while gaining a sense of personal integrity. The ultimate goal of DahnMuDo is to develop a complete human being who has full mastership of body, mind, and spirit.

While many DahnMuDo forms can be physically challenging, it is gentle enough to be practiced by anyone of any age. The speed, strength, intensity, and height of particular moves might be different for each individual practitioner, but the forms are deliberately designed to benefit every person, regardless of their physical or mental state.

TaiChi: Always wanted to try?

Dahnmudo is a great practice and tool to relax and bring your mind back to the body and the present moment. Through a combination of breathing and movement you can harmonize your body and your spirit can become more centered peaceful.

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