Earth Energy Meditation: Meditation Techniques to Be One with Nature

April 5, 2019
Earth Energy Meditation Meditation Techniques to Be One with Nature


Each year Earth Day comes and goes, and many of us aren’t sure how best to honor it. Do we plant a tree? Do we take a walk? Celebrating earth day means different things to different people. If you are looking for a good way to get into the spirit of Earth Day, here’s an idea.

This April, in addition to doing something ‘outside’, take some time to do some ‘inside’ work. And by inside, we mean inside of you! Through a simple meditation technique, you can feel the Earth’s energy and get a sense of being “at one” with our planet. They key to this meditation is, quite literally, “ki” energy. Sensing ki energy is a way to practice.

What is Ki Energy?

Most of us are aware that, fundamentally, everything in the universe is made up of the same essential energy. That includes stars, planets, and people. When you feel a sense of yourself beyond thinking, emotions, and preconceptions, you are in fact sensing a part of the universe. Let’s try connecting to the Earth’s energy with every cell in our body through this ki-energy meditation technique.

Earth Connection Meditation

First, choose an appropriate time and place to practice this earth meditation. It might be nice at sunrise in a quiet outdoor spot. For many people, the combination of morning light and a peaceful natural environment automatically induces a state of calm awareness. Or you can always utilize a cozy sanctuary inside your own home.

Begin your meditation by lightly stretching your body. This can help to release stiffness and feelings of heaviness as well as calming stressful thoughts. Then try gently bending your knees and bouncing your shoulders up and down. Focus on heavy, stagnant energy leaving your body through your fingertips, toes, and mouth.

Slowly stop and turn both palms upward. Now focus on energy descending from above into your palms. Feel the “weight” of energy on your hands. As you breathe in, let your hands rise to chest height. As you breathe out, lower your hands towards your knees; repeat this 3 times. Next, slowly bring your hands up in front of your chest with your palms facing each other. Open and close your hands and feel the sensations between them. You might notice some warmth, tingling, or a magnetic pressure or vibration.

As your palms move apart, breathe in and focus on pure natural energy entering your hands and flowing to your heart. As your palms drift closer towards each other, breathe out and focus on stagnant energy leaving your body. After a few breaths, begin to imagine holding the Earth between your hands. Feel the ‘ball’ of energy between your hands and visualize the Earth while maintaining the feeling. Let your hands very, very gently drift in and out, as if you were applying a smooth and soft ‘massage’ of energy to the Earth. Imagine the pain, violence, pollution, and loneliness of all life on Earth being relieved, and focus on the Earth itself becoming brighter and healthier. After 1-2 minutes, slowly drop your hands to your sides and exhale deeply.

Next, turn your palms to face the Earth and slowly move your hands outward in a circle from the front of your body, keeping the palms parallel to the ground. Focus on sending loving energy from your hands to gently caress the Earth. Feel the Earth’s loving energy warmly returning to you through your hands.

Now, slowly bring your hands together with palms facing your lower abdomen, with one hand behind the other. Rotate your hands clockwise with palms facing your body. Feel warm energy circulating in your lower abdomen, in the energy center known as the “dahnjon.” Slowly bring your hands to a stop below your navel and concentrate on your breath. Feel Earth energy gathering in your lower abdomen, creating a sense of warmth and abundance. Your connection with the Earth and your body’s vitality are being revived through this energy. With each slow breath, imagine Earth’s healing energy continuing to gather in your dahn jon, forming an energy ball. Imagine the Earth itself like a ball of energy spinning in your dahn jon. With each breath you take, the Earth breathes together with you.

Slowly lower your hands on your knees with your palms facing upward and focus on your breath.

You can recite, read or simply reflect on this Earth Meditation:

“We were all born from the Earth. When we were born into the world, we were small and empty-handed and grew up on the Earth’s food and air. Our clothes, our beds—there is nothing that doesn’t belong to the Earth. We borrow these things for some time, and one day we must return them. However, the Earth, our root and source of life, is moaning under the endless demands of mankind. Beings all over the Earth are suffering and even we, human beings, with so much power to make a healthier world, are being negatively affected. All of this comes from the illusion that humans are separate from the Earth. Human beings are in fact a part of this planet, not simply living on it, and our choices will determine the future of our species and all life on Earth.”

Let’s sincerely ask ourselves, now, “what will be the future of humanity and the Earth if present conditions continue?” Ask yourself: ”what can I do now for humanity and the Earth?“

If you’re looking for a deeper sense and connection through your Earth Day activities, try the ki-energy-based meditation described above. We need the Earth, and the Earth needs us to awaken to our interconnectedness. Our dreams of one day leaving the Earth and traveling the stars on spaceships are just that- dreams. But the good news is that we already possess perhaps the finest starship ever dreamt of- the Earth itself. Let’s do our best to keep it that way.

If you’re interested in learning more about ki-energy meditation and even Earth Day Activities, please visit your local Body & Brain center or find us online. Body & Brain also offers a variety of classes and programs to help you to awaken your sense of connection with nature.