Strengthening Families with LifeParticle Energy Meditation: Building Strong Family Bonds and a Happy Family Life

May 17, 2019
Strengthening Families with LifeParticle Energy Meditation Building Strong Family Bonds and a Happy Family Life


Most of us can benefit from having some alone time now and again. Being alone can provide a chance to relax, reflect, and reconnect with our true nature. But no matter how much we enjoy being alone, it’s fair to say that we are fundamentally social creatures. We seek recognition and security from each other. We want to be loved and cared for, and to connect with others.

Perhaps nowhere is this more obvious than in the way that we feel about family. Family bonds can be complicated. They can be a source of the greatest love, connection, and security in our lives. Or they can be sources of trauma and pain.

Modern technology can complicate our family lives even further. Our cell phones allow us to talk to our loved ones from the other side of the planet, but they also let us isolate ourselves in worlds of social media, entertainment, and identity politics. Like in most aspects of life, the mindset with which we use technology is even more important than the technology itself in determining how it will affect our family lives.

In Messages From Water, the well-known water crystal experiments performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto, water crystals were bombarded with different types of emotional information. Water that had been exposed to the message, “I love you,” created beautiful hexagonal shapes; however, water crystals that had been given information like “I dislike you,” or “I hate you,” formed ugly shapes, looking as if they had been hit by a bomb. In this way, it is theorized that a supportive and loving environment can actually make our very cells healthier and more harmonious since approximately seventy percent of the human body is water. On the flipside, just imagine how toxic or negative information can affect our bodies!

We all know that love is important for a strong and healthy family. But sometimes it’s not easy to feel love, even with family members. Worries, frustrations, and disappointment can take their toll on a family, working their way into our daily routines. In that case, even though we know that family members still “love” each other, the information that is being shared is not love. In this case, how can we break the cycle of negative info and emotional energy?

Sometimes the simplest actions make the biggest difference. For example, a simple LifeParticle Energy Meditation can help you to shift the energy in yourself and your family. LifeParticles are the brightest and simplest fundamental units of energy, providing a source of love and light under any circumstances. Read on to learn how one woman used LifeParticle Energy Meditation to heal her family relationship...

Strengthening Families - One Mother’s Relationship Healed

Strengthening Families - One Mother’s Relationship HealedCan family relationships be improved through something like LifeParticle Energy Meditation?

Here’s the story of how it worked for a college lecturer from South Korea, Eun-ju Jeong.

“I had been worn out by my busy work life and by taking care of my sick daughter, Hayeon, for many years. She and I drifted apart as a result. As a high school student, Ha-yeon changed, growing irritable in the way she spoke and in her attitude, and she tried to avoid eye contact with me.

Then, one day, I was doing LifeParticle training in my room, when I suddenly realized, ‘If I give up on her, Ha-yeon might have to live like that her whole life without ever getting well.’ So I pulled up my MindScreen and invited Ha-yeon to it. As always, she looked weak, feeble, and lethargic. I gave Hayeon my full devotion, sending her LifeParticles. I filled my hands with golden energy and imagined brushing and massaging every part of her body. Ha-yeon’s face grew brighter and brighter until, suddenly, she was smiling cheerfully and surrounded by golden light.

Seeing her like that, I found myself weeping profusely. I couldn’t control my sorrow, thinking of those times when, using my being busy as an excuse, I neglected her; when caring for her made me want to give up; when I failed to treat her warmly. ‘I’m sorry. Mom is really sorry for how she’s treated you. I love you. Mom really loves you.’

After finishing the LifeParticle Meditation, I went to Ha-yeon’s room, and gave her a hug as she slept. Maybe she sensed how I was feeling. Half asleep, Ha-yeon said, ‘Mom, hold me like this for just five minutes.’ After that, my attitude toward my daughter changed; and, because I changed, she changed, too. Thanks to LifeParticle Energy Meditation, the iciness in our relationship melted away like a spring snow.”

Focus on Strengthening Families

Focus on Strengthening Families

A strong, loving family unit can overcome a lot. Give your family a gift that goes deeper than the material gifts. LifeParticle Energy Meditation can be a simple, effective way to get yourself connected to the right state of mind and heart for a happier, healthier family.

With the practice of LifeParticle meditation you will be better able to:

* Strengthen those crucial family bonds
* Manage your stress
* Feel less threatened and more hopeful about life
* Express and receive love more fully

Mahatma Ghandi is credited with encouraging others to “be the change” they want to see in the world. Are you ready to start making changes in your life? With LifeParticle Energy Meditation, you can tap into the power of information to change your life. Just like those happy water crystals, when you give and receive love, you’ll be able to create stronger bonds for a happier, more harmonious family life.