Give Yourself the Gift of Time Focused on YOU!

February 10, 2020
Give Yourself the Gift of Time Focused on YOU


When’s the last time you spent a whole day working for your personal growth? We know, time is precious. But investing in yourself is a great way to feel happier, healthier, and more confident. One way to invest in yourself is through a self-development workshop!

The experiences you have at a workshop can help you make lasting positive changes in your life. Lucky for you, Body & Brain offers a variety of unique and supportive workshops designed to help you take the next steps in your growth journey.

Time passes quickly, and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. Think about what happens to most New Years’ Resolutions by mid-February: they’ve been put on the back burner and forgotten.

It can be challenging to stay focused when things get busy. If you live up north, the cold weather might make you feel like hibernating until spring (luckily for us at BNB HQ in Arizona, the winter is still pretty comfy). Whatever the obstacles you’re facing, in order to overcome them, you need to activate the power of your will!

What exactly is willpower? We say that willpower is the energy to make a conscious choice and take action. Achieving goals takes willpower. But how do we increase willpower without crushing ourselves under feelings of responsibility?

When we connect with our purpose, we naturally feel increased energy and passion. Change starts with the choice to look honestly at what we want and take action to achieve it. And, as everybody knows, there’s no time like the present!

In the month of February, Body & Brain is offering 30% off the Finding True Self (FTS) workshop for new students who sign up for at least a 6-month membership.

What if you’ve been taking classes but haven’t attended FTS yet? That 30% discount applies when you upgrade your regular membership to 6 months or more.

And if you’ve already taken FTS and are looking for the next step in your journey, there’s a 10% discount for more advanced workshops like Brain Management Training and Energy Healing Course!

Now’s a great time to contact your local Body & Brain center and speak with an instructor. They’ll let you know all about upcoming program dates and how you can benefit from a workshop like Finding True Self. You can look forward to greater confidence and insight about yourself, better energy and emotional self-management, and stronger willpower. It’s never too late to make a new start in your life. Give yourself the time and energy to begin!