21 Day Challenge: Help Boost Your Immunity! Starts March 7th

March 6, 2020
21 Day Challenge Help Boost Your Immunity Starts March 7th


21 Day Challenge!

Help Boost Your Immunity

Dates: March 7th- 27th

Join us for a 21-Day Challenge to help you boost your overall health, including your immune system with Intestine Exercises and raise funds for a local Lake County non-profit organization.

You decide how much you want to donate for every 100 intestine exercises you do a day. For example, $1 for every 100 intestine exercises/day. The more intestine exercises you do a day, the healthier you'll feel and the more we can support this incredible non-profit!

NOW... what are intestine exercises and why are they important? Have you ever heard the phrase, "if you keep your intestines healthy, you'll be healthy"? The intestines play a pivotal role in our body's absorption of nutrients, energy levels and circulation. When our intestines become stiff or tense, it can lead to bloating, brain fog, constipation, stomach pains, emotional instability and more. To learn more about the technique, please watch the video below:

The 21-Day Challenge will start on Saturday, March 7th. We will have a poster with the names of those who participate in the challenge to track each person's progress and amount raised. Please let us know if you would like to participate!

For more information call us directly at (847) 362-2724 , or email us

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