Self-Love Course: Aug 7 - Oct 9

July 26, 2020
SelfLove Course Aug 7 Oct 9


Self-Love Course

Date: Every Friday from August 7th to October 9th(10 Sessions)
Time: 8:00 - 9:30am*
Location: Online
Cost: $300, $200 (early registration by July 30th)

* A recording will be provided for up to 30 days after each session. This will support those who cannot always attend at this time but also, it provides a way for you to re-watch the sessions if you want to practice more.

In this 10-week online course, you will practice connecting with yourself as a foundation for your life. The true meaning of Self-Love is taking time to meet with you each and every day. To meet with yourself well, we must also connect with our closest companion on this life journey, our body. When we practice to let our love flow from a place within our hearts and minds, we can see everything more clearly and cultivate a life of true happiness and peace.

In this course, Master Brian, Regional Director of the Oregon Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi centers, will guide you through self-healing methods to foster a greater sense of love and connection with yourself. Please join him on this journey to greater Self-Love and fulfillment.

In this course you will connect with yourself more deeply through:

• Bowing Meditation for Circulation & a Peaceful Mind
• Brain Wave Vibration / Pineal Gland Activation
• Life Particle Energy Meditation to Purify Your Energy and Set Your Intentions
• Chakra Balancing to Create Clarity & Connection through All 7 Chakras
• Breathing Postures to Restore Your Vitality in Body & Mind
• Weekly Journaling for a Deeper Connection with Yourself

About Your Guide
Brian Korbelik has been practicing and guiding others through self-healing techniques for more than 12 years, and is currently the Oregon Regional Director of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi. On his journey of self-growth he has helped thousands of people overcome their obstacles and self-limiting beliefs.

Make your reservation online here, call us directly at (503) 352-4367, or email us beaverton@bodynbrain.com to reserve your spot.