Profound Self-Knowing: Free Webinar | Vienna, VA

January 5, 2021
Profound SelfKnowing Free Webinar Vienna VA


I used to feel like there was something wrong with me… that there was something a little bit off about my personality that made me unpleasant to be around. This “truth” that I had created in my mind made it impossible to feel truly comfortable in my own skin. I felt like nobody ever really heard or understood me. I was cautious about what I said and did because of a deep fear of rejection. And when I perceived that my idea or action had been rejected, the talk-track in my mind became overwhelming as I justified to myself why what I did or said was right and good.

My judgment of others skyrocketed as my tolerance took a nosedive. I had anger and insecurity. And all I really wanted was to be totally comfortable as my authentic self, without fear or need for apology, and to have others love and accept me that way too.

If you’ve felt that way and are ready for something different, I invite you to join me for a FREE webinar.

The journey to be “in my ease” took me deep inside, and in that place, I discovered the truth about myself, the truth about relationships with others, and the truth about my value. In this webinar, I’ll share my personal, hard-earned awakenings with you so you too can “be you” from a place of peace and joy.

Date: Tuesday, January 19th
Time: 7 - 8:30pm (EST)
Location: Online by Zoom
Trainer: Paula Pierce
Cost: FREE

Make your reservation online here. For any questions, please call us directly at (703) 242-1390 or email us