Self Mastery Course - Awaken the Power Within

November 30, 2019
Self Mastery Course Awaken the Power Within


Self Mastery Course:
Awaken the Power Within

Day: Monday Evenings
Time: 7:45pm - 8pm
Cost: $200 for one session (8 weeks) | $500 for three sessions (24 weeks) - gives you access to various topics of self-mastery.

8 Week Master Class for Dahn Jon Development

If you seek continuous growth, then this class is for you! Each 8-week session will take you on a journey to help you reach greater levels of empowerment. The topic and style of the class varies. This is an advanced course for those who have taken our basic level workshops. Learn to use sensitizing exercises to bring your awareness inside your body. This is an essential skill for self-healing, but takes a lot of practice to develop.

Topics Include:

• Mind-Body Harmonization: Self-Observation and Brain Sensitization
• Living for your True Self: Managing the voices and desires of your ego (3 Bodies, 5 Life Issues, 3 Ego Desires)
• Living Tao Study
• Chakra Healing: Your Energy System's Map
• Brain Education 5-Steps to Self Mastery

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