Tai Chi for Seniors

February 24, 2022
Tai Chi for Seniors


Tai Chi for Seniors: Benefits, Tips, and How to Get Started

Are you considering Tai Chi for yourself or a senior in your life?

Although it may seem unassuming, this reserved martial arts form boasts many benefits.

Whether you’re hoping to maintain your physical condition or exercise your mind along with your body, Tai Chi can offer many benefits, including…

• Can help with mobility
• Can help to achieve mindfulness; and
• Can help with stress management

…but that’s not all.

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of practicing Tai Chi backed by research, along with tips and how you can get started.

Table of Contents

Is Tai Chi Good for Seniors?
10 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors
How Does Tai Chi Work for Seniors With Limited Mobility?
What Do You Need When Beginning Tai Chi for Seniors?
Looking for Tai Chi Classes for Seniors? Contact Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Is Tai Chi Good for Seniors?

Tai Chi is great for seniors because the series of movements or postures are...

• Low impact
• Slow; and
• Deliberate

…and often described as “meditation in motion.” Tai Chi can also help clear the mind.

Simple Tai Chi for seniors can be modified or even be performed sitting for seniors with a limited range of motion to avoid strained joints.

Still, Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi welcomes everyone looking to heighten their internal awareness and feel the energy within themselves by offering Korean-inspired Tai Chi.

Are you ready to work toward enhancing your physical and mental health?

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10 Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors

There are many benefits to practicing Tai Chi which focuses on aligning your…

• Mind
• Body; and
• Energy

…with simple movements.

Here are just a few ways science has discovered that Tai Chi can improve your quality of life and slow the effects of aging.

#1: Tai Chi May Lower Your Risk of Falling

Studies have shown a link between Tai Chi and improved balance and stability among seniors.

The postures can help to strengthen your…

• Glute
• Abdominal
• Leg; and
• Back

…muscles, which are key muscles for balance.

Researchers believe that practicing Tai Chi regularly can significantly reduce the risk of falling by up to 50 percent as it can help with core stability and spatial awareness.

The research further suggests that practicing Tai Chi may also have positive effects on the…

• Balance
• Gait; and
• Overall well being

…of people with nervous system disorders.

#2: Tai Chi May Help Your Mood

Anxiousness surrounding your physical abilities can be debilitating, especially among those seniors who have already experienced a fall.

Further research has shown that not only balance was improved, but that seniors experienced a reduced fear of falling after practicing Tai Chi.

Having more confidence in your body and physical abilities can have positive effects on your quality of life by encouraging you to participate in more physical and social activities.

Tai Chi, as with most forms of exercise, can reduce stress and help produce natural endorphins that may improve your mood.

#3: Tai Chi Could Improve Cardiovascular Health

You may be surprised to learn that Tai Chi could improve your cardiovascular health, but one study has shown that the focus on relaxation may:

• Help reduce anxiousness,
• Help lower blood pressure,
• Help lower triglyceride levels; and
• Help provide a safe form of exercise for people who have experienced heart problems.

#4: Tai Chi Can Help Manage Pain

Multiple studies have proven that Tai Chi can help manage pain.

These studies have found that Tai Chi can be just as effective as physical therapy or other forms of exercise for seniors who experience…

• Osteoarthritis in the knee
• Arthritis
• Joint pain
• Osteoporosis
• Fibromyalgia

…because the low impact and gentle movements help the joints retain their range of motion without causing additional pain.

Additionally, Tai Chi can help manage sciatica and back pain by restoring mobility to the spine increasing core strength.

#5: Tai Chi May Help With Weight Loss

Despite the slow movements, studies have found that Tai Chi may help with weight loss.

This could be due in part because Tai Chi practices mindfulness which can lead to better eating habits.

#6: Tai Chi May Improve Your Sleep

For seniors with sleep issues, Tai Chi may help improve sleeping habits.

Exercise and movement throughout the day can lead to better sleep at night and a study found that seniors who practiced a modified form of Tai Chi experienced improvements in their sleeping habits.

#7: Tai Chi Is Good for Your Posture

As seniors age and may have to deal with osteoporosis, Tai Chi can help maintain good posture by improving your…

• Core strength
• Mobility; and
• Breathing

…providing better postural awareness and focus on how you carry yourself.

#8: Tai Chi May Improve Immunity in Seniors

As we age, it’s natural for our immune system to become less efficient.

Tai Chi may be able to help fight that part of the aging process by improving your immunity.

According to a study in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, seniors who practice Tai Chi can have a better response to the flu shot.

#9: Tai Chi Is Has Been Shown to Slow Cognitive Decline in Seniors

In one study, seniors who experience mild dementia practiced Tai Chi at home for 50 minutes, three times per week, for six months displayed a slow in their cognitive decline.

This is attributed to the involvement of…

• Movement recall
• Task switching; and
• Spacial awareness

…which occurs simultaneously with physical movements while practicing Tai Chi.

#10: Practicing Tai Chi in a Group Has Social Benefits

Tai Chi for seniors can be practiced alone, at home, or in group classes.

Besides having a trained instructor to help learn the movements and develop proper form, Tai Chi classes for seniors are helpful because they provide a chance to socialize with other seniors that share similar interests.

Additionally, group Tai Chi classes can help fight against feelings of isolation that are common among seniors.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi is offered at over 100 studio locations with in-person classes to help you perfect your Tai Chi postures whether you’re a beginner or a long-time student.

With the addition of online classes, Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi can help you improve your energy work, regardless of where you are.

How Does Tai Chi Work for Seniors With Limited Mobility?

The worst thing you can do as you age is be sedentary. But as you age, your mobility may become limited.

That’s why many seniors are attracted to Tai Chi because it doesn’t require excellent coordination or strength.

In fact, most Korean Tai Chi movements can be practiced in a chair—called sitting Tai Chi.

This is an option for seniors that can start with just hand motions, making it accessible for seniors with physical limitations.

Sitting Tai Chi can still offer many of the same benefits as the movements in standing Tai Chi.

Tai Chi meets you where you’re at and expands as your range of motion increases which is ideal for people with limited mobility.

What Do You Need When Beginning Tai Chi for Seniors?

Now that you know some of the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors, you may be wondering how you begin practicing this gentle form of martial arts.

Although Tai Chi is extremely low impact, it is still a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting any kind of exercise regimen.

The great thing about Tai Chi is that you can experience all of these benefits without the need to invest in any equipment.

All you need is:

• Loose clothing
• Soft comfortable shoes; and
• Enough space to stretch your arms

Looking for Tai Chi Classes for Seniors? Contact Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

For more than 25 years , Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi has been helping people in the US of all ages, including seniors, feel…

• Healthier
• Happier; and
• More peaceful

…through Tai Chi classes.

Offering the best in holistic fitness through both online and in-studio classes, Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi features a blend of…

• Tai Chi
• Yoga
• Meditation; and
• Breathwork

…classes and workshops.

Whether you prefer to visit one of 100+ locations or practice in the privacy of your living room, our classes help you develop mindful breathing and relaxed concentration so that you can see the maximum benefits from your exercise.

Your body and brain are deeply connected.

At Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi, we promote a deep mind-body connection that can help activate your brain’s natural power.

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