Body & Brain Celebrates Earth Day 2023

April 23, 2023
Body Brain Celebrates Earth Day 2023


At Body & Brain, we are a yoga company that deeply cares about the environment, and we strive to take action toward showing our commitment to a better Earth. This is why Earth Day and the month of April hold significant importance to us—and we hope they do to you as well. We believe that happy and healthy individuals share a common desire to create a peaceful and joyful world and at Body & Brain, we refer to this spirit as the Earth Citizen spirit.

We Are Earth Citizens!

In honor of Earth Day, Body & Brain centers across the U.S. organized various community activities such as beach clean-ups, Taichi-Qigong demonstrations, hikes, and consciousness-raising events. As part of our commitment to promoting environmental awareness and sustainable living, we also engaged in "plogging," which involves picking up litter while jogging. In addition to these activities, we provided opportunities for participants to connect with their own life energy and learn about the interconnection between human beings and the natural world.

In our practice, we often say, “We are Nature.” Discover this vital concept and our connection to Earth in the new book The Art of Coexistence, by Body & Brain founder Ilchi Lee and mindful living educator Steve Kim.

Earth Day Events

Phoenix, AZ | Glendale, CA | Long Beach, CA | Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA | Miami, FL | Marietta, GA | Honolulu, Hi | Des Plaines, IL | Medford, MA | Las Vegas, NV | Albuquerque, NM | Bayside, NY | East Meadow, NY | New City, NY | Raleigh, NC | Houston, TX | Seattle, WA

Phoenix, AZ

30 people from the Body & Brain centers in the greater Phoenix area gathered at Granada Park in North Phoenix and experienced stretching, Earth Qigong demonstration, and trash pickup.

Glendale, CA

Over 44 people gathered at Brand Park in Glendale, CA for qigong, tai chi, brain exercises, mindful movement class, drumming performance, hiking, and a small picnic.

Long Beach, CA

30 people gathered to help clean up Belmont Shore in Long Beach, CA. There were aura readings, tai chi, and a message board to share encouragement and love for the Earth.

Hayward, CA & San Jose, CA

Body & Brain centers in the San Francisco Bay Area did "plogging," which is picking up litter off the streets as you walk or job, and participated in Earth Day events held by the city of Fremont and San Jose, CA.

Miami, FL

Body & Brain centers in Miami participated in the local “Bodhi Mind Holistic Festival” with over 200 people attending. They shared Kalm Drops, shoulder relaxation, aura readings, and books.

Marietta, GA

55 people from the greater Atlanta area gathered at the McFarlane Nature Park in Marietta, GA, and did Earth qigong, walking meditation in the forest, and a picnic.

Honolulu, Hi

Hawaii region made over 470 Genki Balls, which are balls with beneficial bacteria to toss into the Ala Wai canal to clean up the water.

Des Plaines, IL

30 participants came to the Friendship Park Conservatory in Des Plaines, IL, and experienced Kalm Drops, exercise, qigong, and Earth Healing meditation.

Medford, MA

50 people gathered at the Mystic River for a clean-up and qigong/meditation session. Many gallons of trash were collected.

Las Vegas, NV

Over 80 people came to the Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas, NV for stretching, qigong, and tree meditation.

Albuquerque, NM

25 people came to the Alameda/Rio Grande open space to experience Earth qigong, Longevity Walking, Earth Healing meditation, and Prayer of Peace for the Earth.

Bayside, NY

Over 70 people came to the 8th Annual Earth Citizens Walk & Festival hosted by the Body & Brain centers in New York West. The event had exercises, qigong, tree meditation, and activities for loving myself/community/Earth.

East Meadow, NY

Over 100 people participated in the Earth Citizens Walk for Coexistence hosted by the Body & Brain centers in New York East. The event had a deep stretching class and a 2-mile walk around the park with a potluck and Earth meditation.

New City, NY

15 people participated in the first “Art of Coexistence” book signing on the East Coast. The event featured an eco-friendly lifestyle lecture, tea time, and a book talk about the “Art of Coexistence.”

Raleigh, NC

Body & Brain Raleigh center’s members and instructors volunteered at the Interfaith Food Shuttle and picked 514 lbs of collards, which will support 257 people living with food insecurity.

Houston, TX

Body & Brain centers in the greater Houston area participated in an Earth Day event at Discovery Green Park in Houston, TX with aura/chakra readings, Belly Button Healing, exercise, and qigong demonstration.

Seattle, WA

Body & Brain centers in the greater Seattle area gathered at the Washington Arboretum in Seattle, WA for a mini-class, qigong performance, Longevity Walking, and Earth meditation.

About Body & Brain

Body & Brain is dedicated to guiding individuals in recovering their connection to their true nature and to the world around them. We believe that a healthier, happier Earth begins internally in our body, mind, and spirit because what we feel within ourselves is directly reflected in how we treat our families, communities, and our planet.

Our unique Body & Brain programs are designed to help you transform your life, using the power of your own body & mind. We offer holistic wellness classes, workshops, and personal coaching, incorporating yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and breathwork based on ancient Korean energy principles. Whether you choose our classes, workshops, or personal coaching sessions, we can help you recover your connection to your true nature and your Earth Citizen spirit.

We hope to meet you soon, online or in person at a Body & Brain Yoga and Tai Chi center near you!