Riverwalk Members' Wedding in the Studio

February 15, 2020
Riverwalk Members Wedding in the Studio


Something unexpected at the center

When you think of the Body & Brain center, you probably think of yoga, tai chi, breathing, and meditation. You might picture seminars about self-development and energy awareness. Maybe you imagine a high-energy dance/meditation session or a fun Brain Education program for children.

What you probably wouldn't expect to find is a wedding! But that's exactly what you could have seen last month at the Body & Brain Riverwalk center in Lawrence, MA!

Migdalia Morina and her now-husband, Roy Cahoon, both members at Body & Brain, held their wedding at the Riverwalk center in January! Pretty amazing, right?

How she joined Body & Brain

Migdalia first joined the BNB Riverwalk center in January 2019. At the time, she was experiencing high stress after thyroid surgery. Her physician recommended she try doing yoga to better deal with her stress and anxiety.

With the help of Body & Brain practices like mindful breathing and body tapping, Migdalia was able to manage her stress much more effectively.

She loved the classes enough to bring along her then-boyfriend Roy. He joined with the intention to relax and relieve stress from his job as a truck driver.

Deciding to have a wedding at the yoga center

Migdalia and Roy say that, when the time came to plan their wedding, they wanted to be married in the place that made them feel the best- the Body & Brain Riverwalk center!

They asked for permission from Barbara Maffeo, the Riverwalk center manager, and her business partner, Sholeh Gharib! Barbara and Sholeh say they were deeply touched by the request (Barbara may have shed a few tears!) and immediately agreed to the plan.

On the day of the wedding, Roy's mom, sister, and brother joined a yoga class along with him and Migdalia. After the class, everyone changed into their clothes for the wedding, and Roy and Migdalia were married in the main classroom.

Sharing the benefits from yoga and tai chi

As you might expect, Migdalia and Roy have the intention to share the benefits they've found at Body & Brain with more than just each other. Migdalia hopes to teach some of the yoga, tai chi, breathing and meditation practices she enjoys to her friends and family, including family in Puerto Rico. Last year, when she took a trip to visit family in Puerto Rico, Migdalia brought along several copies of the book "I've Decided to Live 120 Years" by Body & Brain founder Ilchi Lee to share with her loved ones.

At home, Migdalia and Roy encourage each other to keep up with helpful Body & Brain practices like toe-tapping exercise which they practice before going to sleep at night.

They even take turns counting as they do toe-tapping in bed!

Let's send great wishes to Migdalia and Roy for health, happiness, and peace in their marriage and for their intentions to help others!

What an inspiring couple!