Body & Brain “Get Bright” Campaign: Three Weeks of Free Live Online Classes!

April 30, 2020
Body Brain Get Bright Campaign Three Weeks of Free Live Online Classes


Despite having to temporarily close our centers, Body & Brain recognized that the hardship Americans are enduring at this time calls for a bold and compassionate response. That's why we are offering three free weeks of classes as a service to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.

Get Bright Campaign Logo

We established the “Get Bright” Campaign to share care, hope, and connection to the communities around our center. One of the main ways we're doing that is through live online classes. We're confident that once you experience our live classes, you’ll feel more energized and empowered to make healthy choices throughout your day.

Get Three Weeks of Live Online Classes Free

Despite our best intentions, it's easy to become inactive when we're forced to remain at home. The less we move, the less we circulate energy, and this can drag us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. We all need to choose healthy daily habits in order to support our natural energy and vitality, especially now.

We hope that three weeks of free live online classes will provide you with the opportunity to move, de-stress, activate and circulate energy, and feel stronger. When you feel stronger, it’s easier to feel more confident and hopeful.

Each free class is designed to help you feel how much your current condition can change as you follow the instructor’s guidance. Wear something comfortable, expect to move, and try to set aside any distractions - we know, it may not be easy :-).

Standard Body & Brain Class

Our energy yoga classes typically begin with a series of standing activities to release stress, followed by deep stretching to circulate energy. The instructor may intersperse body tapping or vibration exercises to help you bring awareness deeper into your body. After that, you'll move into breathing postures to refresh and balance your energy, or practice some moving meditation for a calmer mind. Our classes usually end with a short energy-activating exercise, so that we feel refreshed. In addition to energy yoga, some regions are offering free classes in tai chi, qigong, chakra vibration, or child-friendly family yoga classes. When you register for the three weeks of free classes with your local center, you’ll gain access to a variety of classes and seminars.

Our online classes provide students with the chance to ask questions, receive guidance from instructors, and share their experiences. Many students report feeling more energized, relaxed, aware, and more connected with themselves after class.

Use the “Find a Location” feature at the top of this page to take advantage of three weeks of free online class. Give whichever center is closest a call and ask for the link to their free “Get Bright” classes.

In addition to our free three weeks of introductory classes, stay tuned for announcements about free webinars on topics such as breathing, meditation, tai chi/qigong, and family wellness. You’ll receive announcements for these special webinars when you sign up for our e-newsletter here.

More About the “Get Bright” Campaign

In addition to three free weeks of live classes, we’re continuing to support public health and well-being with a variety of bite-sized YouTube video classes. We also provide helpful self-care tips, positive messages, and other resources to brighten your day in our free e-newsletter.

In April, to honor international Earth Day, our “Get Bright” team hosted two successful “Global Meditation for the Earth” YouTube Live events, viewed by over 9,000 people. Check out the events here and here. These events shared music, dancing, qigong, and a beautiful Earth Day meditation with our friends and neighbors around the world.

Body & Brain continues to support public health and well-being through the sale of “Get Bright” merchandise. 50% of the profits from our merchandise sales go to The American Red Cross and their response to COVID-19.

Written by Susan Henry
Susan Henry is a certified health coach, yoga and tai chi-qigong instructor who leads a team of Body & Brain Foundation volunteers in San Diego County. A former federal chief information officer, she decided to re-focus on integrative health practices as a way of paying forward the benefits she had received through Body & Brain training.