What Is Energy Clearing Yoga?

March 11, 2022
What Is Energy Clearing Yoga


What Is Energy Clearing Yoga? A Guide to Lightening Your Spiritual Burden

You feel weighed down by the burdens of life. You just can’t seem to shake off unwanted emotions. You feel physically and emotionally drained.

If you are experiencing these feelings, energy clearing yoga can help.

In this guide, we will cover:

• Why there is a need for energy clearing
• What energy clearing yoga can do for your body
• How to do energy clearing yoga
• And more

Table of Contents

What Is Energy Clearing Yoga
Why Is There a Need for Energy Clearing?
3 Types of People Who May Need Energy Clearing the Most
Breathing and Meditation for Energy Clearing
5 Benefits of Energy Clearing Yoga
3 Important Things to Remember Regarding Energy Clearing Yoga
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What Is Energy Clearing Yoga

Energy clearing yoga is a practice that combines…

• Breathing
• Meditations; and
• Stretches and movements

… to help release the mind, body, and soul of unwanted energy and emotions that have become stored there.

Energy clearing techniques can be a helpful addition to your routine self-care to feel less burdened by negative emotions.

Keep reading to explore the effects of and need for energy clearing.

Why Is There a Need for Energy Clearing?

Have you ever found yourself feeling sensitive after scrolling social media or agitated after a long day at work?

Throughout everyday life, you are exposed to various types of energy, good and bad, which can affect your mood and mental clarity.

Negative energy and emotions can become stored in your muscles and joints. Improper breathing, such as shallow and fast breathing which may not deliver enough oxygen to the brain and the rest of the body, can also lead to a feeling of heaviness. You may feel down or under the weather without having an understanding of why you feel this way.

Energy clearing works to clear out the toxic energy that is affecting your mind, body, and soul. When en ergy that does not serve your life’s purpose is cleared from your body, you may feel better mentally and physically.

Some people report feeling...

• Less anxiousness
• More focus
• A sense of lightness; and
• A feeling of deep peace

…after energy clearing.

3 Types of People Who May Need Energy Clearing the Most

People who need energy clearing the most typically fit into three categories:

1. Those who are sensitive to energy
2. Those who are influenced by their environment
3. Those who heavily feel the burdens of life

However, just about anyone experiencing stress, anxiety, or a feeling of being physically drained can benefit by adding energy clearing to their self-care regimen. Being open to the process can help you feel more relaxed and receptive to balancing your energies

Let’s talk more in-depth about the types of people who can benefit from energy clearing.

#1: Those Who Are Sensitive to Energy

Some people are highly sensitive to other people’s energy and emotions. Empaths have a heightened sense of energy and can absorb other people’s energy, good or bad, especially in crowds or at social events.

All of this absorbed energy can cause a sense of heaviness as it can pile on without being released. Energy clearing can help people who are sensitive to energy rid unwanted or harmful energies from their mind, body, and soul.

People who are sensitive to energies may need to practice energy clearing yoga and techniques more than others to begin feeling effects.

#2: Those Who Are Influenced By Their Environment

Some people are heavily influenced by their environment.

Have you ever felt down because of a cloudy, gloomy day? Or feel anxious energy as a storm is brewing?

All humans have a strong need for safety and physical comfort. Some people find these emotions compromised by their natural surroundings at times. Energy clearing can help move this unwanted energy out of the body and help you learn to channel your inner peace regardless of your environment.

#3: Those Who Heavily Feel the Burdens of Life

Some people are more prone to carry around emotional burdens. This can be caused by past trauma, stress, or sadness.

Energy clearing can help relieve the mind, body, and soul of negative energies that cause a sense of heaviness and emotional burden. While it may take time to fully relieve your body of deep-rooted emotions like this, most people experience a difference after routinely practicing energy clearing.

Breathing and Meditation for Energy Clearing

Breathing is a core focus in energy clearing yoga. When people feel like they’re having an energy overload, it’s usually because they aren't breathing right to help release some of that pent-up energy within.

Learning how to breath correctly can help the body:

• Relax
• Let go of unwanted energy; and
• Promote a sense of calmness and peace

To practice breathing and meditation in energy clearing yoga, follow these steps:

1. Bring your mind inside through meditation. Visualize where you are feeling heavy, unwanted energy in your body.
2. Imagine breathing down all the way to this spot when you inhale and pulling the energy up through your body to your mouth.
3. Blow the energy out of your body when you exhale.
4. Repeat this process until you no longer feel negative energies.

5 Benefits of Energy Clearing Yoga

The practice of energy clearing yoga has five main benefits:

1. Moving energy within your body
2. Focusing on the present
3. Releasing tension in the body
4. Strengthening your core
5. Learning to live a more peaceful existence

Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

#1: Moving Energy Within Your Body

Learning how to move energy within your body is extremely beneficial.

When it comes to holding onto unwanted energy in the body, muscles can hold memories and joints can hold emotions. It’s even possible that your body may be holding onto negative energy and emotions that you don’t realize are still having an effect on you. The body tends to remember things long after the consciousness forgets.

Lack of movement can cause heavy energy to build up in your muscles and joints.

Think of stagnant water. Without movement and flow, the water becomes murky. Once you stir it up and help it to flow, it becomes clear again.

The simple stretches, movements, and breathing techniques in energy clearing yoga help you move unwanted energy out of your body.

#2: Focusing on the Present

It can be difficult to filter through all of the noise and stress and burdens of life. Holding onto painful memories that no longer serve you can cause a build-up of unwanted energy in the body.

Energy clearing yoga focuses on clearing the mind, body, and soul. It allows you to not only let go of the feeling of heavy energy stored in the body, but also to release thoughts that can stir up your negative emotions in the first place.

Energy clearing yoga can help you learn how to focus on the present and stop holding onto:

• Grudges
• Unhealthy relationships and habits
• Unreleased emotions
• And more

#3: Releasing Tension

As beings, we tend to hold emotions in our joints.

Think about your body right now. Is your jaw clenched? Are your shoulder joints rigid and tight? Like many people, you may be carrying around stress or other unwanted emotions.

When unwanted emotions and energies are released, so is tension in the muscles and joints.

This release can allow your body to restore to its natural position, making you feel lighter and at ease.

#4: Strengthening Your Core

A side benefit of energy clearing yoga is that the stretches and movements used also help strengthen your core, which may help:

• Improve your posture
• Decrease lower back pain
• Stabilize the body
• And more

#5: Learning to Live a More Peaceful Existence

Holding onto negative energy and emotions can feel like a constant cloud over your head. Energy clearing yoga can help lift the emotion fog and heaviness that you feel in your body.

Energy clearing yoga is a tool to help you live brighter days. Making energy clearing yoga a frequent practice can help you live a more peaceful life.

3 Important Things to Remember Regarding Energy Clearing Yoga

When it comes to energy clearing yoga, there are several things that you must keep in mind. Let’s go over a few things you should remember while exploring and practicing energy clearing yoga.

#1: Consistency Is Key

With any kind of energy work, practice and consistency are key. It is more important to have small consistency every day than trying to accomplish a large feat in one session and not doing anything for days in between.

However, this does not mean that you must practice hours of energy clearing yoga each day to experience its benefits.

You may not be able to visit Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi every day to practice energy clearing yoga but you can take the techniques you learn from our classes and incorporate them into your daily routine.

#2: Results Vary for Each Person

The results of energy clearing yoga can vary from person to person. Your individual results depend on how much unwanted energy you are holding inside.

For example, deep feelings of…

• Stress
• Trauma; and
• Strong emotions

…can take longer to clear.

The first time you practice energy clearing yoga, you may only notice a subtle difference as you are just beginning your journey into learning how to clear out toxic energy. You shouldn’t expect a thunderbolt of life-changing experience after your first time attempting energy clearing yoga.

#3: Energy Clearing Is Not a Substitute for Medical Advice

Energy clearing yoga is an extremely beneficial practice. However, it should not take the place of regular medical care prescribed by a doctor.

This is a spiritual and natural tool that you can use in combination with professional medical help.

Visit Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi for Energy Clearing Yoga and Other Practices on Your Path to a Happier, Healthier Life

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Schedule a 50-minute private introductory session today. One of our trained instructors will check your current energy condition and provide energy clearing yoga techniques and guidance on how to best utilize our programs to help:

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• Release tension build-up in your body; and
• Teach you to live a more peaceful existence

If you’re interested in exploring energy clearing yoga more, our energy healing course may be the perfect fit for you