Get Bright Summit: Activate Your Chakras for Mind, Body & Spirit!

October 14, 2020
Get Bright Summit Activate Your Chakras for Mind Body Spirit


Get Bright Summit

Activate Your Chakras for Mind, Body & Spirit!

A Day of Special Classes for Wellness & Energy

We’re excited to announce our latest Body & Brain Get Bright Summit “Activate Your Chakras for Mind, Body & Spirit!”

What Are Chakras?

For thousands of years, cultures around the world studied the nature of the human mind and body, searching for methods to support health, happiness, and peace.

In India, a system of seven centers of vital life energy was described. These energy centers were called chakras (from the Sanskrit Hindi word for “wheel” or “circle”). Today, the chakra energy system is utilized throughout the world to help explain concepts in holistic health, yoga, and meditation.

In East Asian martial arts and healing arts traditions, the concept of energy centers in the lower, middle and upper body (for example, dantian in Chinese, or dahnjon in Korean) is similar to the concept of chakras.

Learn About the Power of Your Chakras

Are chakras real? And what should chakras mean to me? If you’d like to learn and experience more about chakras, here’s the perfect opportunity: the “Awaken your Chakras for Mind, Body & Spirit” Summit on Saturday, October 17th. Five of our best Body & Brain trainers will take you on a journey through your seven chakras. You’ll gain practical insights and methods to help you balance your chakra energy. You’ll also learn how strong and vibrant chakras contribute to your overall wellness and your ability to make this world a healthier, happier, and more peaceful place.


Invite your families, friends, and neighbors to join the Summit for free! When you register yourself (just $79 for all 5 classes), you can invite up to 10 guests, free! You’ll also get access to the recorded live sessions for 30 days.

Read on to learn more and register:

Get Bright Summit: Chakras

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Starts at 11am ET / 8am PT

5 Featured Classes & Trainers:

(Each session lasts 70 minutes)

Session 1

11am-12:10pm (ET) / 8-9:10am (PT)

Johnathan Martinez: Activate Your Lower Chakras with Tai Chi and Qigong

Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra - Build a strong foundation for your best life

Session 2

1-2:10pm (ET) / 10-11:10am (PT)

Michelle Gavin: Transform Emotion and Connect with Your Middle Chakras

Solar Plexus, Heart & Throat Chakra - Manage your emotional energy for a happier life

Session 3

3-4:10pm (ET) / 12-1:10pm (PT)

Hongik Cheong: Awaken the Unlimited Creative Power in Your Upper Chakras

3rd Eye & Crown Chakra - Manifest your creative power

Session 4

5-6:10pm (ET) / 2-3:10pm (PT)

Alejandro Rivas: Immunity for Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Your Chakras - Change your energy, change your life

Session 5

7-8:10pm (ET) / 4-5:10pm (PT)

MinJae Kim: Immunity for Society: Creating a Healthy, Happy, Harmonious World

Your Chakras & the World - Create health, happiness and peace

At this Summit you’ll learn what kind of energy resonates with each of the seven chakras. You’ll learn the signs of weak or overactive chakras. Our energy guides will show you simple techniques for activating and balancing your chakra energy, and how to manage your energy for better health and happier relationships. By taking care of your own energy, you can amplify health, happiness and peace for yourself, your family and your world.

We look forward to seeing you on October 17th at the Get Bright Summit: “Activate Your Chakras for Mind, Body & Spirit!” Thank you for choosing to get bright with us!